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  1. 411 is the first semester of the program including all of the material except for FOS/FLEX (Med 419)
  2. Just wanted to say good luck to all of you anxiously awaiting that first week of December! Speaking as someone who received two regrets before being accepted, please be kind to yourselves if you don't receive the email you've been hoping for. It's so easy to dig yourself down into a deep hole of feeling inadequate and that you're not good enough to get in. Be open to honestly assessing the feedback you get from your scores, use it to make yourself better and push yourself forward. For anyone who receives an invite you're welcome to message me about any interview prep or questions about th
  3. I applied for regular deadline and still got my preferred interview slot. Just make sure once you get the invite you sign up as soon as you can. That being said - waiting that extra day for the invite felt like 100 years, and in that moment oh man did I wish I did do the early deadline. But you'll survive haha!
  4. I'm pretty much ready to sign my agreement at Scotia and just heard about this iPad incentive...seems like Scotia and RBC are almost identical now with respect to what they offer, with the iPad being the only real difference. I like RBC and I was planning on buying that same iPad out of pocket anyways, does anyone know if Scotia is offering anything similar to this? Or any other incentives? Wondering if I went with Scotia too early...!
  5. Yes, the welcome letter! That would be great! I'll pm you
  6. Hey everyone, Has anyone been able to open the PDF for the CPSBC documents from the offer page? I've tried on multiple computers/internet connections and the PDF always seems to be corrupted, or fails to open. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. Did anyone negotiate other perks besides the two credit cards with Scotia? Free cheques, unlimited e-transfers etcetera? I want to make sure I'm getting any extra perks I can!
  8. I tried TD. The amount they approve you for is the same, but all they offered was a free chequing account and no credit card incentives.
  9. SO SO SO SO SO excited to get to post in this thread! TIME STAMP: 12:01pm PST Accepted SMP (First choice!) AGPA: ~84MCAT: 503ECs: Mostly did things that I loved, lots of travelling, hiking, sports, hobbies. Hospital volunteering for 2+ years, board of directors for a volunteer organization, regional harm reduction coordinator for a volunteer agency that distributes necessities and harm reduction to the homeless. Volunteer and employee for organization teaching children with autism athletic skills. Solid employment history, currently senior consultant for a natural health consul
  10. Is everyone anticipating the same structure as past years for offers? Rejections in the morning and offers in the afternoon? Regardless of what happens on Friday, I think we can all be pretty freaking proud of the work that we've done to lead us to this point. Even to be given the chance to chase our dream is something not a lot of people get. Fingers crossed for all of you!
  11. Oh man, even just seeing the words "decision day" made me break out into a cold sweat. Haha. I think it's likely it will be the week of the 7th. Would seem odd if they waited until the third week of May?
  12. Hey everyone, Does anyone know how much weight UBC puts into the status or prestige of your references? I thought I read something somewhere that said that the prestige of the referee doesn't matter, but perhaps this was for the OMSAS application.
  13. Is anyone interested in getting together to do some MMI prep in Kelowna? Private message me!
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