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  1. @MK. Thanks so much!! I feel very grateful for the support and I may not have approached my prof without your advice That makes a lot of sense. I do feel bad that I may have to turn them down with spring fast approaching, but I hope they are understanding as I just received the NSERC recently. I will take a bit of time to consider it, then let them know. Thanks again!
  2. Update: I just received a nserc usra with one of my profs!! Much thanks for the advice. So I previously received an offer for another part-time research position. Would it be possible to do both full-time NSERC and part-time research position at the same time since they will both be online anyway? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
  3. @mk_ Thank you so much. Your advice makes a lot of sense. I will try asking my prof
  4. Thanks for the reply. To clarify a bit, you don't think there would there be a conflict of interest since I am trying to get him to be my supervisor while at the same time, he will be marking my exams and assignments? There is also a possibility that I would end up not doing well in his course...
  5. @MK.Thanks so much for your advice and encouragement! You've answered all my questions clearly. Another question: The program that I am undertaking has a small department. Would it be appropriate to ask a professor about being my USRA supervisor while I am also taking their class for the first time?
  6. Hi. I have a poor 1st degree cgpa, but am doing well in my second degree. I have never done research before, but would like to try it. 1) When considering the cgpa of the applicants, does the research institution/program (i.e. for usra) usually consider the cgpa of both degrees or just the 2nd degree? 2) How difficult is it to get a research position in biology if one is not undergoing a typical biology/chemistry/etc. program and does not have lab experience? 3) When emailing researchers about opportunities, does one need to come up with their own research topics or would the
  7. Hey were you able to confirm if this is acceptable? Thing is for Ryerson, the first number doesn't indicate the levels. It's completely random. In first year, someone can take 3XX, 6XX, etc. level courses. So the only way to determine the level is to see which year the typical student take the course. If we're looking at the regular program, then most of the courses in the first year of the 2-yr accelerated program is taken within the first 2 years of the regular program. Therefore, it looks like it may not meet the requirements?
  8. I am currently in the 2-yr OHS program at ryerson as well so I am in the same situation as you.
  9. Hi there, I come from an engineering background so I am inexperienced with studying for non-math type courses. When you study more memorization-type classes, would you recommended reading the textbook that the lecture notes refer to? Or do you think that is a waste of time and generally only study from the lecture notes?
  10. Heh, I think he may be referring to my poorly phrased title that can be misconstrued to mean to immediately donate organs rather than to sign up for a donors list... Regardless, I think it's a really personal choice and I can see why people will choose not to do it.
  11. There's now a website for Ontarians to register to be a organ donor! I just signed up, but recently some people have been telling stories of doctors, let's say, not doing their best to save one's life because of it. What do you guys think and are you going to sign up? http://beadonor.ca/watch
  12. wow i never knew that 95% of chinese people are lactose intolerant... but i drink so much milk.. if i don't experience any of the symptoms of it.. is it any concern for me?
  13. walk to remember juno resident evil 1 spirited away endless waltz inside man
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