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  1. Look at the schools weighting formulas. E.g. Toronto lets you drop a bunch of bad grades, Ottawa looks at only your most recent 3 years, etc. You may have no problems.
  2. I think this must be very beneficial for McGill. I had a 4.0 and 528 and was still ranked over 100 slots down for the academic aspect - i can only assume that it was a lack of graduate degree that was the difference.
  3. As an Ontario kid who was lucky enough to have no undergrad debt but who is currently living on the LOC - I’m sure the 30k/year tuition will help me catch up real soon! edit: Just double checked - Dal is way more than I anticipated (about 23k). I retract my joke.
  4. I was told only my first set of cheques is free, which I already got.
  5. Didn’t know that! I’ll look into it. Just hope they aren’t too pricey.
  6. I don’t think I can when I am paying with post dated cheque’s, can I? The cheque’s are attached to the chequing account, not the LOC. Scotia seemed opposed to the idea of anyrhing auto transferring out of the LOC into the chequing account.
  7. Right I just have post-dated cheque’s for rent and auto-debit for insurance so sometimes I forget to move it before the 1st. It’s totally my mess up, but frustrating. if anyone has a good advisor who might want to look over my account, that would be great (apparently my original advisor has left anyways).
  8. I’ve tried to look into it but I’ve yet to speak to someone who could really help me.m make sure all is set up right - and ive tried calling the suppose reps in several cities and online. I also didn’t get the Amex points last year but I understand that was a bit of a mixed bag - seems like the welcome rewards this year are much better (I keep getting ads for the plan). I asked about it recently and was told that they don’t remember if there were points for the card last year. When I asked about the overdraft I was told that it’s “free” insofar as they waive the 5 bucks that are normally
  9. Just so everyone knows, the “free” overdraft protection from scotia is only free if you don’t use it. The second you go even 1 cent into overdraft, you get a 5 dollar fee plus interest. This is especially frustrating because there’s no way to auto-transfer money from the LOC into the chequing account for recurring expenses so that there’s money there for rent, insurance, etc. - you have to remember to do it manually (which I have messed up a few times). In one case, I had fixed the overdraft before I got charged the 5 dollar fee, so when the fee hit, I was “in overdraft” again and got charged
  10. I just finished first year. I came into it with no debt, about 15k savings from work last year and got a small entrance scolarship. Lived quite frugally. Currently at 10k government loans, 10k line of credit.
  11. Haha yes. Most of the province is considered “rural” and falls under programs like ROMP, ERMEP, etc. If a city is in the GTA (Milton, Richmond Hill) or large enough to support an independent university (not necessarily a satellite campus) (Peterborough, Guelph, etc.) it’s not rural in my opinion. Despite this though, many people are only interested in living in 2-3 cities in the country, and define things as either GTA or rural. I grew up in an independent mid sized city, and we were hard pressed for doctors (like 3 months to get in to see your fam dr.) I’m starting to understand why. Th
  12. I was faced with this choice myself last year (between several schools that I considered pretty equal, but was given unspecified campus at Western). I was told afterwards that almost everyone who gets unspecified gets London eventually, but not before I had to make my decision. Essentially, you have to decide whether what you like about Western (the 4 year program if that's something you like, etc.) outweighs the small chance you could end up in a location you aren't as big a fan of. These choices are super hard (I spent days deliberating), so don't rush it.
  13. I declined U of T to go to another school . We all have our own priorities.
  14. While I agree that it may be more expensive to serve people living in rural communities, I think it's a bit short-sighted to say that such communities no longer serve a purpose. Depending on location, these are the people who feed the rest of the country (and the world in some cases) and provide us with many essential resources that feed our economy. Also, while not everyone living in rural environments prefers them, some definitely do, and would be very unhappy in urban landscapes.
  15. Hey everyone! I'm offering MCAT tutoring this spring and summer (via Skype primarily). I scored a 528 on the exam, and am happy to help you with any or all sections. I'm currently a first year medical student and wrote the exam in the summer of 2017, so all of the details of the exam are still fresh in my mind Message me for more information!
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