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  1. Hi @JessRae1995, Canadian OT schools are highly competitive, with acceptance rates being somewhere around 5-15%. It is easy to find out which schools statistically have the highest and lowest acceptance rate because you know how many spots are in each program and most schools report how many applications they receive each year. I would say that UBC is the most competitive program, as this was the only school I applied to where I was not offered admission. Part of the reason that it is challenging to get into their program is that it is the smallest, or at least one of the smallest, i
  2. I received an email from ORPAS after I responded to my offers of admission. It said that if I saw "unsubmitted", which I did, not to worry and that I had successfully accepted the offer. You also get locked out of your account for a day while they process your submission. If you haven't received an email or been locked out of your account, then you may not have accepted the offer. Just make sure that you hit the review and submit button, otherwise you have not actually accepted the offer yet.
  3. I have a couple questions, if you wouldn't mind answering. 1. How have you found the professors? e.g. good lecturers, fair markers 2. Do you have any complaints about the program? 3. Is there a large representation of students from BC?
  4. I am feeling really torn between Western and U of A for OT and I am running out of time to decide. I would love to hear opinions from a number of people in order to get a more representative sample of the student experience.
  5. I was hoping that a current or previous U of A OT student could tell me more about the student selected modules for course 543. I am trying to determine whether this is component of the program at U of A that appeals to me. What topics have you had to choose from?
  6. Did anyone else's acceptance letter say "If you don't confirm by September 5, 2017 your spot will be given to another applicant"? This date is obviously incorrect, so I was thinking about emailing to see what it should actually be because I don't want to accidentally miss a deadline. I thought I'd check first to see if anyone had received a letter without this mistake and knew what the correct date was.
  7. Hey @FutureOT2018, I'm not sure if you looked already, but there are a number of websites for off campus housing provided on the U of A website: https://www.ualberta.ca/international-student-services/prepare-for-ualberta/find-housing I applied for housing in the graduate residence since it seemed like an easy option, given the places are furnished; however, if I do not like the option I am offered, then I will start looking at places off campus. Rent where I live in Victoria is ridiculously expensive, so the $1123/month for a studio in residence housing doesn't seem that bad in compari
  8. Did the offer come to your U of A email or the email you supplied in your application? It'd be nice to know where to look so I can stop checking both emails and Bear Tracks.
  9. Has anyone received the additional information for the remote interview yet? They said by 4pm EDT Thursday and I haven't received it yet. Just wondering if I should email them or wait longer.
  10. On their website is says that the first round of admissions is completed around mid-May, which I thought meant that offers had to be accepted by then rather than offers were sent out then. The website also says that application review begins ~March 1, which makes me think that offers would come out sooner than mid-may.
  11. Does anyone know when the admission offers for MOT come out for U of A?
  12. Applied: OT at UBC, U of A, Western, McMaster, Queen's, and U of T Interviews: UBC, McMaster Accepted: U of A, Western, McMaster, Queen's, and U of T Waitlisted: Rejected: UBC GPA: cGPA 3.88 sGPA 3.95 Perceived strengths/weaknesses of essays/interviews/references: Wide variety of volunteer experience, including 120 hours of direct patient assistance at a physiotherapy clinic specializing in neurological impairments, 2.5 years as research assistant in a laboratory studying concussions, 3 semesters as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate human anatomy course, and a
  13. This is what I heard back from them: "As per the FAQ section of our website. I submitted my application but am now having trouble uploading my outstanding documents. All supporting documents can continue to be uploaded to a application until the January 31st deadline. Once a applicant has submitted and paid for their application they must now log under the Applicant Portal. If a applicant logs in under existing users they will not be able to upload documents or track the submission of their reference letters. Note: The Letter of Intent, CV, and Department Checklist documents
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