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  1. I know someone in my class who came back after one year, pm me your contact and I ll get you guys in touch
  2. Brazil already taken over the leadership at a certain school, without Canadian licenses even
  3. I got all the answers: Clinic exposure: every single Canadian school is trash compared to US in clinical exposure amount across the board , and Western is definitely no exception. You may get more exposure to complicated cases (except for ortho) at Western but it overall exposure will be low. Opportunity after graduation: well if you want to practice in Canada it saves you from writing 2 boards than if you went to a US school, other than that I don't think it matters much which school you went to. With regard to jobs, the connections with sales reps/part time dentists may make it eas
  4. I drilled the wrong tooth once on a pt and I m still here so you ll be fine
  5. Yea lmao I lost my account, I'm ok now thanks, but I missed Friday study time so Trauma's gonna traumatize me on Monday
  6. Damn bro you still post here? you're the last of our class....
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