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  1. Depending on how they choose to give out offers will impact the overall class culture. Imagine spending the next four years with classmates who were offered solely based on GPA and CARS- no diversity to bring to bring to group learning, which is what they believe in. Hopefully they’re transparent with us and consider Casper and/or the ABS to a greater extent, because I think it would be something that would impact what school decisions.
  2. Received a confirmation today that UofT’s interviews March 28/29 are now online. Sucks but I would rather have this than have my interview outright cancelled, as what happened with Mac.
  3. Does anyone know what GPA we have to maintain this year if we are accepted to the MD program? My current program is extremely difficult to get high grades in. With the balancing act between studying and interviews, I would prefer to have some relief about the conditional cut-off. Is there a minimum GPA that we have to maintain in our current year? Or is there an overall GPA that we have to maintain of over 75%? Thanks so much!
  4. If you wrote the July, August or September 2019 MCAT, wait until your scores are made available before requesting their release to OMSAS. All scores must be received by OMSAS prior to November 1, 2019. you should be fine!
  5. I rewrote the MCAT 6 times all because of CARS. it takes a lot of practice and perseverance. For me, i really needed to handle my emotions on test day because I had so many negative experiences. I started with a 123, was stagnant at 124 for years, 125, and finally a 127 this past year. What I did differently was that I became friends with someone who had the same problem. We did 1-3 passages daily over 6 months and then discussed our answers, including our reasoning for each answer. Knowing how to tackle and reason out the questions is what really matters, and I would recommend using diff
  6. hey my referee did the exact same thing! they contacted OMSAS and they said that it shouldn't negatively impact applicants. I am a re-applicant and since this is a new rule, i feel like many referees who are used to the old system may have done the same thing this year.
  7. If anyone is interested in practicing MMIs early on UBC campus, message me!
  8. 127 in CARS and received an invite OOP. Trumps the other post about a higher cut off for OOP students.
  9. Received an invite as an OOP applicant as well!
  10. You can manually correct this yourself if you go back to your application!
  11. I think they changed it this year so that grad students don't need to provide additional letters. This is really discrete and if you haven't done so already, under the 'References' category, you have to add your supervisor as a Toronto Graduate Verifier using the 'add referee' button.
  12. I am trying to cut down my number of entries to 32 and I'm hoping to get some insight into what to include. I'm involved in 2 ongoing research projects in which I would be listed as 3rd-5th authors if they were to be published in the future. Does anyone know if research is only valuable if it has been published/presented? I have other publications and presentations, so these entry would be more of an add-on, and I would indicate that they are 'research in preparation.' Do you think it would be more valuable to swap these entries out for additional awards or activities? Thanks!
  13. Is it acceptable to add MSc under both Employment and Research? I thought it made sense to add my MSc published thesis under Research, and then my actual responsibilities and hours as an MSc student under Employment. Can anyone confirm?
  14. My referee ended up contacting OMSAS to explain that they used my name. Since my referee already submitted their form, no changes could be done, but luckily OMSAS confirmed this shouldn't affect me as the applicant! I am a re-applicant so I could understand how my referee overlooked the new rule. Maybe if more referees do the same mistake, they can make this more clear. But I am assuming that names can introduce bias if the evaluator is familiar with the candidate or if it hints at an ethnicity.
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