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  1. This sounds like a great example! But most importantly is how you present it - in terms of what insights you made, what you learned, what you see could use improvement, etc.
  2. Definitely don't miss the opportunity to write something about yourself here! Your ABS just shows what you have done officially, but does not describe your personality. As mentioned above, focus on an experience/story that lets us learn something insightful about you! Make it unique so you catch the attention of the reader.
  3. It really depends on who is giving the advise and how they are marking it.
  4. I'm really trying to figure out what you mean. The official CASPer company is https://takecasper.com/test-prep/ and they don't sell any test prep? Is there one for American schools that you are referring to? I do agree that if you want to know how well you are doing then getting feedback on your answers is key.
  5. What do you mean? Which company running the test?
  6. Are you thinking of doing the test in 2 days?
  7. There were two people in my med class with a similar situation. One man was 42. He was working for a while and went back to finish his PhD so he could apply to medicine. The second was a woman in her late 30s with two kids. She also had to quit her full time job, study part time and was accepted into medicine. I can tell you that for both cases, there was definitely a financial concern. The concern is your expenses for those 4 years in medical school before you start making a salary. However, the banks give you a huge line of credit when you get in. It seems like a lot of debt,
  8. It really depends on the school. Did you check their websites to see if they post a GPA requirement? I agree with the above comment.
  9. As someone who has gone through the whole process, I can tell you that medicine is really an art. Trying to figure out who to pick is very hard, especially as we move away from paternalistic medicine and into more patient-centred care. Soft skills are very important - more than ever before. I agree there should be a little more structure, but a lot of schools are experimenting with different strategies to select for soft skills. The biggest revolution in the last 8 years was the MMI so now the schools are looking for the next big thing I guess
  10. First of all - congrats on the interview! The interview day is pretty structured. You might be divided into groups - and each group will take a turn at the MMI. During the MMI itself, a station is usually about 8 minutes. and there are usually 8-10. Some might be a rest station - so you might get an opportunity there but only 8 min. The rest of the interview session would be around 80 min max. Do you think it would be a problem to stay up this long if you took a quick nap just before the interview? Have you considered speaking to someone involved in the admissions process
  11. Each question is given to a separate grader, so don't refer back to something you wrote in another section. Think of the personal questions as though you were being asked in a standard interview. You should have these experiences at the top of your mind and go through your CV to pick out experiences /lessons learned. You can base your insights on the canmeds roles. You still need to be yourself The evaluators will likely be given a marking scheme looking for certain insights such as how to resolve conflict, or how you communicate, so I would base your answers around that.
  12. If the only reason is money - I'll be honest with you, medical school is expensive, and I would take a look at the cost of medical school before deciding on a CEGEP based on cost. By the time we finished medical school and paid for expenses over 4 years, exams, licensing fees, all those meals while on call, etc - most of us were in debt of around average 150-200k. This is something very common with medical students, as you don't get paid at all until you start your residency. You can also argue that if you get in from CEGEP, you will save 2 years of tuition/expenses from undergrad!
  13. You are absolutely competitive with that GPA - but that is just the key to the door - next step is to show your confidence and personality through the interview process!
  14. Definitely agree with the above. After all the exams are done, we are all physicians and we don't look too much at where you went to medical school. Pick the school that speaks to you the most and where you feel most supportive. Long hours and stress is best treated with fun, family and friends!
  15. You should definitely speak to the admissions committee about this, but technically you would be past the application deadline (March 1). So when were you thinking of applying? You usually have to apply in your 4th semester of CEGEP.
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