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  1. So I'm assuming it would be a bit easier if I were to go to Ireland then FM? Would I have a shot with my stats at US MD? I was under the impression I didn't. The research I've done on US MD and DO has told me that there are only a handful that accept Canadians to begin with, and those that do require a bunch of undergrad courses I didn't take, some also look exclusively at sGPA. I took a few science courses as electives, but I'd still probably have to take 4 courses or so if I were to apply to the US. Knowing that it would probably take me a year to even put myself in a position to apply to
  2. Hey, I'm finishing up my research based masters in Ontario and have applied to med three times and haven't gotten an interview. My stats are quite poor, but medicine is all I've ever wanted and I don't feel like I would be fulfilled if I tried every option at med. cGPA is around 3.1 but depending on wGPA it's ~3.6 . I have a huge upward trajectory in grades, but still didn't make Western or Queens' cutoff. MCAT is 508 (128/126/126/128). Have a 4.0 in my masters but I'm aware that usually doesn't count for much. I think my ECs are very strong- multiple leadership positions both in resear
  3. I say possibly because this Carib school said an astronomy course I took counted as a physics course apparently, I don't know if this applies to US schools but yes I see what you mean
  4. See that isn't possible at this point for me, I can't afford another year of undergrad studies and I have already graduated. I have the bios, chems, biochem, soc, psych and possibly physics depending on the school but im missing orgo and math. Taking orgo before the mcat is feasible but doing a 6th year is not at this point. I may consider doing them while I do a masters though
  5. From what I've seen, yes they require Biochem, Orgo, Physics and some need English. I think some of the writing intensive courses I've taken satisfy the english criteria. Physics might be satisfied depending on the school (I emailed a couple Carib schools that said a course I took that wasnt physics counted as a physics course), I took biochem but barely passed since I was not ready for that at the time and had lots going on (and paid the price, welp) and I'm taking orgo this summer. My concern though- do all US MD and DO schools only look at sGPA? It would be nice if there were any canadian f
  6. @JohnGrisham thank you for your reply but would you happen to know of Canadian friendly schools that dont consider sGPA? I see sGPA being thrown around lots on any discussion of american schools and it's important to know where that is a barrier to me because at this point, it isnt really fixable. My wGPA or cGPA is just okay, but I agree, the MCAT needs to be improved. Im currently worried about the sGPA and if a masters would be beneficial in the US or internationally? I'm thinking of doing that next year since Im kind of lost and think it could boost my profile a bit.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm really stressed so I apologize if this sounds very scatter brained. But I'm finishing up my 5th year at Western in Health Sciences and my GPA is just okay, around 3.6-3.7. MCAT is poor, 501 (125/124/126/126). I'm likely going to retake the MCAT this summer though as well as take Organic Chemistry since I currently do not have this prereq for Ottawa and pretty much every med school everywhere else. 1) Is my GPA scored differently to US MD and DO schools compared to Canadian MD schools? (Just wondering if UWO gets weighed differently or anything) 2) Are there any Ca
  8. I'm in more or less the same boat as OP but I just wanted to ask a follow up question here rather than start a new thread, to my understanding there are certain med schools in Ireland/Caribbean/Australia that set you up better to come back to Canada, whereas others make it nearly impossible to come back. @Edict , would you (or anyone else) happen to know which schools are more promising than others/where I can find this information? Thanks!
  9. I've heard the same but I also have heard that US DO grads are going to be considered equal to US MD by 2020, which would be good if that was the route I went. Would you happen to know what US DO prereqs would be like? I didnt take organic chem or physics and I think it may be a little too late to do so. It seems many USMD schools need that as a requirement
  10. How about at US DO? Or even low tier MD or DO? Also im not positive but I think american schools view UWO gpa as higher than how med schools in Ontario would view it, so would a higher GPA help me out with compensating for the low mcat? I'm not opposed to doing residency in the US, but I would much rather have the ability to come to Canada for residency regardless of where I went for medical school. That being said, is DO my best shot? I know Ireland/Australia/Caribbean is unlikely to do residency in either Canada or US...
  11. Hey, Im in my 5th year at western trying to boost my average. My cGPA is bad, around 3.5, my wGPA is around 3.8. 1st and 2nd year were mediocre, 3rd was decent, 4th was good and 5th is good so far but I need advice as to what I should be doing for this upcoming september. My MCAT is not great (501), but im non-trad in my program and im unsure if I could get a meaningful increase with a second rewrite. I've been looking into low tier US MD schools (just bought MSAR), and I see every school needs Organic Chemistry which I did not do because it would kill the GPA I am working my ass off to try an
  12. Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate that. If you were me in this situation, what would your game plan be for the summer and September after this 5th year?
  13. Heyo, 5th year from western here. My cgpa is pretty mediocre (~3.2), but Im halfway through my 5th year and so far so good, so im expecting my last/best 2 years to be (~3.8 GPA). I've written MCAT twice, as a non-science student and a terrible MC test taker, I did not do great - 501 (126/125/124/126). Cherry on top, I'm an Ontarian applicant looking to stay in Canada... Now i've done a bit of digging on US MD and DO alternatives and I'm open to it as well as Ireland. To my understanding the order goes something like this when it comes to doing residency in Canada (CMG>USMD>USD
  14. I see, makes sense. So sticking it out despite the potential mediocre grade is probably a better option than dropping it at this point Thank you!
  15. It would just appear as withdrawn at this point in the semester. This is Western btw. I know a withdrawn looks bad but I dont know how it looks as long as its compensated for by an extra class in the second semester
  16. Hi, At this point in the undergrad semester, I've heard it looks terrible to med schools and graduate schools if you drop out of a course because you get a withdrawn on your transcript. If I were to withdraw from a course now, but take an extra course next semester to ensure I'm still at the 5.0 credits, do med schools discourage this or is this acceptable? Thanks!
  17. Hi all, quick question that might be dumb but I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing here- In the prerequisite section for UofT on OMSAS, there's a section for Course URL.. What goes here? The course syllabus? I did some research on it and western does offer course descriptions but they're $2 each and not a link (which is what OMSAS is looking for), but it feels weird just pasting the link to the syllabus in the box. Anyone know what is supposed to go in there? Thanks!
  18. But do any urban applicants ever get in?? Help me out here, I dunno if it's just a slim chance thing or if they automatically exclude those from urban areas
  19. Hey, Been reading up on NOSM and trying to look for admission stats and I found some but I'm not sure if it makes sense. I know NOSM has a bias towards applicants from rural settings, particularly northern ontario, but do they always reject applicants from urban areas? I don't see it written anywhere that only rural applicants are applied, but that seems to be what the admission stats I saw say. Has anyone gotten in from urban areas? thanks
  20. Hey! I'm slowly chipping away at my OMSAS application and I have a couple questions: 1) Is there no GPA input anymore? Last year I applied and had to manually enter each course I took and the grade I got, now I don't seem to see that, is the transcript enough? 2) It says Western needs an academic CV placed in the SAM, I do have a CV going but it has pretty much everything I've ever done, if it was strictly school related it would be only my undergraduate career and some work as a research assistant and would seem quite measly... What is expected here? Also what else is SAM used
  21. Hey, I applied to med schools last year via OMSAS and I'm applying again this year, do I need to make a new OMSAS account? I see a reminder on their page that if I made one after August 2016, I don't need a new one, but I've also tried using my IT# log in from last year and it doesnt seem to be working. Thanks!
  22. Great, thank you! Say I do have to end up applying to Ireland in 3 years, if I go to med school there and go to US for residency would I be able to practice in Canada afterwards? Obviously residency in Canada is ideal but from what everyone has been saying, that's a long shot
  23. So both USDO and Ireland IMGs are viewed equally in regards to matching in residency in Canada BUT USDOs are almost guaranteed matching into residency in the US? It seems more appealing to me that Ireland IMGs can come back to Canada as an MD but USDOs don't count as MDs in Canada... I don't think I like the idea of that. If I'm going through this long, complicated, expensive route- I'm getting that damn MD lol. After residency in the US, how easy is it to come back to Canada to actually practice? Also- how does this plan sound: 2018: Apply to a couple Canadian schools with
  24. Thank you both for the reply! That helps clear things up a bit. You mentioned it might just be easier to do residency in the US, so if I were to go to USMD or USDO and do residency there would I be able to come back to Canada as an MD after that? Is that a common route? Interesting that according to CARMS data it's so difficult for Ireland IMGs yet I've heard from multiple people now that they seem to have the best shot at coming back to Canada. Im sorry if this is a dumb question but what do you mean by first iteration? Is that pretty much saying they are the first group looked a
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