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  1. Ford spent 30 million$ on legal fees to argue carbon tax lol and he wants to save money by cutting mental health care, education for low income students, removing teachers and slashing public health. Its a joke that he won and it goes on to show how horrible things can get when you vote for some asinine leader that only cares about promoting cheap alcohol. Would be nice to see efficiencies instead of cuts and i strongly hope ford doest win next term.
  2. The inherent issue here is the ethics of having dedicated IMG spots at the expense of CMGs. A country that spends millions of $ trying to subsidize medical school for Canadian students also allows the same students to go unmatched at the expense of wealthy IMG students that pursue medical school overseas. Even if 10% of CMGs go unmatched - that costs the system thousands of $$. For the IMGs (CSA in particular) complaining, the CSA students are given equal opportunity to apply to Canadian medical schools and pursue residency through the regular route (i.e apply to MD programs in Canada and
  3. In terms of taxes, I meant the tax dollars it costs to train a CMG. I find it unethical to spend millions of government $ to train CMGs and then saying "sorry this spot is img reserved". It is ridiculous.
  4. I think unless 100% CMG students match, it should be considered unconstitutional to have IMG reserved seats for any specialty except rural family medicine or specialties of impeding access, particularly because of tax dollars spent on unmatched Canadian students can be wasted at the expense of foreign students. In the case of specialties that do not have any CMG applicants and impede access like rural medicine, IMG spots can be ethical.
  5. Take DDS especially since you have offers from Canadian schools. But if med is really your goal, you can try again since you got interviews before.
  6. Are publications are necessary to be competitive for carms? Do number of papers matter or quality?
  7. Good luck OP. You are strong, powerful, resourceful and amazing. Anyone that tries to put you down or acts in a way to demean you w/ bullying lacks basic human decency and are not worthy of your time/attention. Seek out mentors and make friends who will be a positive influence and motivate you to reach your potential. Most schools have counsellors and if you do experience harassment or intimidation, please reach out to them. Best of luck with your medical school journey!
  8. Hi, How does this compare to regular rheumatology in terms or jobs pay etc...is it too hyperspecialized? thank you would appreicate any general info
  9. Do you happen to know the time aswell? I really appreciate this!
  10. Hi, Any idea when (date) this is happening this year? Thank you!
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