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  1. Hey, for anyone that is worried about not getting their LOC right now because advisors are giving them a hard time about proof of enrollment, PM me and I can give you contact information of an advisor that got me started right away!!
  2. My situation is just really weird, I don't have my parents support so I had no cosigner for just a general Line of Credit. Thats why I did a credit payment, but I know full well about the high interest rates and I have backup plans for it. However you are right and anyone else should think about a general LOC first and not credit if you have a cosigner. I'm sure that the professional school LOC is available before classes start since the first instalment of tuition is due at the end of august and theres no way we're all expected to pay that without a LOC
  3. I was in the same problem because I was tight on money. I got approved at scotia for the LOC already but they still need to see proof of enrolment before I get money. I called admissions to see what I could use to prove that and the lady told me to wait for the package sent out in early june. I paid the march 16 deposit with credit and Im really hoping on getting that LOC by June. I had no idea we needed to start classes before we get the money
  4. I was just curious does UofT release statistics about the applicants who got accepted?
  5. Does anyone know if theres any kind of leeway for the first deposit? tight on money right now :|
  6. Accepted, third year IP GPA: 3.98 AA 25 PAT 19 Interview: I thought it was super relaxed and felt great after it Still in disbelief that it came out so early
  7. What are the chances that the night after my interview my bottom wisdom tooth starts causing me pain and I find out it's erupting and my be impacted.
  8. Thanks so much man! Hopefully I see you at interviews too! After that its all fair game
  9. Do you think my PAT will lower my chances by a lot even after the interview?
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