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  1. I'm a bachelor of science student in my third year of my degree in Alberta, Canada majoring in biology. These are my stats:GPA: 3.704CDAT: 19 AA19 BIO19 CHEM19 TS20 RC16 PATI've got more than 100 hours of shadowing. I've done a lot of volunteering and for long periods of time, I've also started my own club in my university and am an executive for my universities Golden Key Chapter club and have been for two years now. By the time I finish my GPA should be around a 3.75-3.8 I hope. Obviously my scores are average and my PAT is quite low. What are my chances realistically of getting into dental
  2. Yeah that's my plan. I'm going to work my ass off for this February DAT and make sure i get 20+ in all sections. The only reason I went in with zero prep was I underestimated how much time I needed to study + I had 4 midterms in that same week so I had to prioritize those. The February DAT is going to be during reading week, so I know I won't have any midterms. Thanks for the input.
  3. Yes for me it does not really matter about the debt I end up with in the end, cause I can definitely pay that off once I become a dentist and start practicing, however it's getting the money in the first place that is proving difficult for me. The amount of money I can get for dentistry in the USA from RBC is $150k, not sure if I can get loans from multiples banks? I also can get about $150k from my parents home, and 50k from parents savings, my cousin also told me that if I need an extra 40-50k he'd supply it. I really hope I can make it into a Canadian school, because considering the fees in
  4. Hi I'm currently a 3rd year sciences student in Canada. My plan is to go into dentistry in Canada however the schools here are very competitive so I'm definitely going to be applying to a lot of USA schools as well. I've been looking at the fees for a lot of dental schools and I've seen ranges from $250k USD all the way up to $500-600k USD, for other Canadian students who have attended dental schools in the USA how difficult is it to get a loan? Can you even get a loan that's going to pay for $500k-600k USD? If not how did you fund your dental school fees? Thank you.
  5. I recently took the Canadian DAT in November and got these scores.Reading comp: 20BIOL: 18Chem: 17Sci Total: 18Academic Average: 18PAT: 14MDT: 6This was my first time taking the DAT, and I went into it with zero preparation, based off these scores alone do you think there is any chance I could make it into a Canadian Dental school or should I retake the DAT in February and actually prepare properly this time.My GPA right now is at 3.7, but by the time i finish it'll probably be around 3.8-3.9ish
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