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  1. For competitive specialties is it necessary to only get letters from people that you’ve done both research and clinic with ? I feel like it would be great but I can’t see it always being feasible. Like I’d have to have 3 separate projects with 3 staff that I have a fantastic relationship with. Plus these projects don’t always pan out. Are letters from 4th year rotations enough ? I know I won’t get a definitive answer I guess I’m looking for multiple opinions on this topic :-)
  2. There’s a family + master in dermatology that allows family docs to do some derm work. I know there are several non Canadian universities that offer this. One is Cardiff
  3. It’s like why are people riddled with imposter syndrome ?? Must be their personality lol
  4. I’ve heard this being thrown around a lot. What does it mean to impresss while on elective, particularly a pre clerkship one ?
  5. Is it naive of me to assume that’s what everybody does anyway ? In what way are people overbearing ? Like asking to be taught things or in what way ? Sorry if I’m missing something obvious
  6. Will be starting an elective soon and I’ve been told by others to make sure to be the right amount of keen but what does that mean practically ? im a pretty shy person normally so I would never step any boundaries or anything like that im also pretty nerdy tho...
  7. Yes it definitely happens. I had a few friends that got rejected right away. Probably just means they were at the bottomish of the list. No red flags they actually got into different med schools!
  8. I bought an elastic band that attaches to the glasses and keeps them fixed to my head. I can somewhat hide it under my hair.... I used the tape before but it looks kinda dumb in the middle of the forehead, I can’t rock that
  9. Also if you end up practicing in a high need area there are various debt forgiveness programs
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