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  1. I bought an elastic band that attaches to the glasses and keeps them fixed to my head. I can somewhat hide it under my hair.... I used the tape before but it looks kinda dumb in the middle of the forehead, I can’t rock that
  2. Also if you end up practicing in a high need area there are various debt forgiveness programs
  3. This. Accomplished people leave facts speak for themselves not their moms!
  4. I’m supposed to meet with one of mine soon. He mentioned it’s reference style? Do you know what the form actually asks... I just want to know what I’m going into since I don’t know him very well. I had initially told him it’s for verifying my role and hours ....
  5. What kind of questions does th form ask? Just wondering bc one of my verifier send me an email with reference letter from Alberta in subject line and idk why......
  6. How will uOttawa know which of my courses were online? I can't even remember for some... the transcript doesn't have anything special written for online or not
  7. Is it safe to assume that there will not be any more sent?
  8. @insomnias Thank you for your response! Will check in with them next week... if nothing then, it means no MD PhD interview for me
  9. @insomnias I e-mailed them a few days ago (before knowing about the MD invite) and they said they are still offering interviews for 24 Feb but majority were sent. So I feel bad e-mailing again! The remaining spot 24 feb is fast approaching so I am tempted to e-mail again..... what do you mean " a month later" was it an MD PHD interview date?
  10. For MD/PhD applicants do they send separate interview e-mails? Have not heard back for the PhD part. If I only got an MD interview does it mean I got a no for the PhD?
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