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  1. you should probably look into it before you comment. Australian schools are accredited.
  2. You could probably start hitting the gym since your muscles are so strong from flexing all the time.
  3. this is the first year so nobody really knows but they would probably take it all into account
  4. how can you currently have a 4.0? Class just started a week ago
  5. Damn dude. you got me beat with the lowest GPA: 3.78. Don't worry thoughhh we BOTH brought down the average this cycle. DAT AA-24 PAT-17 A-C-C-E-P-T-E-D
  6. nah. he probably knew you weren't gonna get in so he just chilled. They have pretty long days i imagine
  7. It's too late. You've already been red flagged as an auto-reject. Sorry
  8. Don't even both man. If you think its "second rate" then no one wants you in their class.
  9. i dont have a problem with MD's just dont like it when people put down the profession that i chose to do just because its seen as "not as good" or whatever.
  10. I'm sure the other 49 shades also include Podiatry, Optometry, and Veterinary school. Possibly even Phd
  11. I think its a good idea to finish because that way you can apply early and get in early. Saving 1 or even 2 years could make a huge difference. Work hard now and reap the rewards later
  12. whats the source??? That doesnt seem like a plausible thing. If that was the case, wouldn't people who have a science background have a considerably better chance?
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