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  1. When I practiced for my MMI a few years ago, I did A LOT of medical related question. Even if it is not PT specific you can still gain a lot from practicing both med and PT type questions. I think the biggest thing you can get from it is your ability to formulate your thoughts in a concise manner and being able to communicate it. I highly highly recommend practicing medical related questions because it will force you to think of the multiple different perspectives to a question/scenario and the benefits and cons of each perspective -> and the rippling affect is has on the other aspects rela
  2. There definitely a few individuals in my cohort with a non-science degree such as Business and others. However, majority do have a science background. Doing well on pre-rec courses and having lots of PT related experiences will make your application stronger if you don't have a science/KIN background. That being said, there's a lot of non-PT related experiences that you can also talk about on your application/MMI.
  3. You will have clinical skill labs almost every day in first and second term. I think you could expect a split of online material and in class lecture on the same day (for example, morning online lectures, two-hour break + commute time, and a 3-4 in class practical lab). Currently this is our schedule for the next 2 weeks as a second year student.
  4. This is correct, I believe there are 10 stations, 1 rest station, 2 minutes to read and 6 minutes to answer. I could be wrong about the number of total stations In terms of prepping, I highly recommend making an MMI prep group on fb and adding anyone who may be interesting in practicing. During our application cycle, a bunch of us would meet up 1-2x a week to practice for the MMI. We gave each other really good honest feedback on how we could improve our answers, and I highly encourage that you do the same, it will only make yourself better. We would create question for each other, run mo
  5. I have to agree with you, they don't disclose any information and I couldn't say for certain how they determine your competitive average or how they weigh pre-req GPA versus last 30 credits GPA as well as everything else on the application. Usually a competitive avg for an interview would be around an 86-88% from previous years but from my understanding I believe they look at the entire application as a whole for interview selections and offers into the program.
  6. For those that are applying to the UBC PT program and have questions regarding admission, the program, etc. feel free to pm me or post here. I'll do my best to answer!
  7. Good luck to everyone! I am willing to answer questions for anyone applying to the UBC MPT program.
  8. Hello! There are a few students in the program who do hold part-time jobs on the weekend and after class, me including. Its is definitely manageable as long as as its one day of the weekend and a shorter shift! Many students also commute from far. I commute about 40-50 minutes each way. Everything is manageable as long as you are fine with getting up early and leaving campus late! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions, Cheers!
  9. This is for UBC PT! I think majority of the waitlist should have moved by the end of May, mid June at the latest. However you may get an offer all the way up to the very first day of orientations which has happened in the past.
  10. Typically 10-15 people off the waitlist get an offer for UBC each year. However last year there were only 6 or 7 that received an offer for some reason. I hope this gives you a better idea! Best of luck!
  11. BCPT2021 hit it! The best thing to do if you get an offer from another school is to accept the offer and pay the deposit. You can get an offer from UBC any day up until the first day of orientation which is in late August. If you get an offer from UBC and accept, then you will just have to forfeit the deposit you had given to the other school. In previous years, usually more than half of the applicants on the waitlist get an offer. However, last year I heard very few people made it off the waitlist (I think 6 or 7) for some reason. It changes year to year, but usually more than half.
  12. From my understanding there was a delay last year for some reason. E-mails were sent on the 20th but normally emails are sent a week earlier, so I would assume this year it will be sometime after April 10th
  13. Hello, I believe when I applied they did not accept any EPSE courses in my GPA since they were under the Faculty of Education, I am not sure about other courses however. My GPA ended up being much lower than I had calculated. So yes I do think they take that into consideration. However they also did tell me each school may have a slightly different GPA from what ORPAS calculates based on their criteria. You can email them and ask, they are good at replying. Good luck!
  14. What I found to be helpful is watching some example MMI videos on youtube to get an understanding of how to structure a response. Also found having an MMI practice group really helped me since you can get feedback and learn from others. Ill attach a list of practice questions from UBC. Although they might not be directly related to the health profession you are applying to, the same rules apply for pretty much every question. http://science-student.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2014/01/Sample-Questions-2013-2014.pdf Best of luck :)!
  15. I personally think that the department would take everything into consideration when looking at applications, but I cannot say for certain if that is how they will calculate your GPA. My best guess is that they would take the mid-value within the range, but I could be wrong!
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