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  1. I am wondering what proof UofT Dentistry needs in order to fulfill the requirement for current Master's students of completing " all the requirements of their graduate program including thesis defense by August 15th each year"?
  2. Just out of curiosity, what is UofT Dentistry's clinical requirements in order to graduate and how easy is it to obtain these cases?
  3. Is there any point in mailing in my completed immunization form right now? Like is there anyone even at the clinic office where I am supposed to be sending in the completed form?
  4. Thanks all! I know I'm been kind of a keener but even people telling me what I should/should not be keen on at this stage is helpful.
  5. For those who have recently been accepted into dental school, or are current dental students or in residency, please join our dental school Discord server to share resources and receive help from other students. Here, we will discuss year-specific information, board exams, and resources for all dental students (Canada, US, Australia). I hope to see you! Invite: https://discord.gg/3CDPy4D
  6. Thanks, that seems to be the general consensus I'm hearing. But I wish there was something I could read about the different paths after dentistry like opening a successful practice, working as an associate and tips for after dental school. I feel like just getting a global idea is good (I definitely know its better to wait until school to learn about the specifics of the different specializations). I would greatly appreciate any input!
  7. I am an incoming dental student. I want to find out more about the path to specialization, what each specialization entails and to owning a practice as a family dentist. I have been scouring **DELETED** and SDN posts about the pros and cons of different options but am feeling overwhelmed. Do you have suggestions on resources for someone like me who is just starting off in my research?
  8. Still waiting to hear back GPA: 87% AA: 23, PAT 20 Some shadowing and volunteer
  9. lol their admissions office has like 3 different possible phone numbers. I wonder how long this cycle is gonna be (when the last wave of invites will be).
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