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  1. Ottawa Family Medicine Currently scheduled: January 19 Desired date: January 25
  2. Anyone get an official rejection from U of A family medicine?
  3. Ottawa Family: Currently scheduled: January 19th PM Desired date: Jan 25th PM Toronto Family: Currently scheduled: Jan 25th PM Desired Date: Jan 23rd (or 21st if able to switch above)
  4. Hey everyone, In previous years there was a facebook group that allowed people to connect and switch interview dates/times with other applicants. I haven't come across anything of the like so far. Is anyone aware of something like this? If not, maybe we could use this forum as a means to do so? Post the name of the program, currently scheduled interview date, and desired date(s). Once you find someone to switch with, you simply email the program administrator and cc the other applicant on the email...
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