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  1. This is extremely late but I guess better late than never! Result: Accepted! Timestamp: Offer was on OMSAS at around 7 AM wGPA/cGPA: 3.98 MCAT: 520 ECs: I thought they were pretty standard; lots of volunteering, 2 publications, 2 poster presentations, swimming, guitar, ukulele, employment, one RA-ship, running a book review blog (lol), feel free to DM for more details! Essays: I felt confident and worked on them for a fair amount of time. Interview: I felt the whole thing was decent, not perfect but not horrible In-person or Virtual: In-Person Year:
  2. Extremely late but I guess better late than never Result: Accepted (Hamilton) Timestamp: 12:00 AM cGPA: 3.95 CARS: 131 CASPer: Not sure, didn't feel too great about it but I received Manitoba interview (OOP) Year: 4th year BSc Geography: IP Button: No
  3. I didn't get an interview at Mac but I'm curious as to what they're doing for the MMI situation? My Calgary interview was just cancelled completely this morning and I got lucky with my other interviews being earlier on in the cycle Are they moving the MacMaster interviews online and if so, how are they doing this for an MMI structure? I'm very curious to see how they implement an MMI style interview online so thank you very much to anyone who replies! Stay safe guys!
  4. Hi guys, Just out of curiosity I was wondering about the dates for interviews this cycle.
  5. Very late but here it is! Time Stamp: 9:10 AM Invite/Reject: Regrets GPA: 3.95 CARS: 131 Casper: I felt very okay about the whole thing and got cut off A LOT! Geography: IP
  6. Hey guys! I'm wondering what I should do about a long-term activity for the ABS. I have been playing two instruments for about 9 years now and I would like to include it on my sketch. My question is since we are only allowed to include activities from the age of 16 and onwards when I tally up the hours for this activity, should I just calculate it from age 16 and on or should I put the actual amount of hours invested in this activity since I was 10 years old? If I do this from age 10, the total amount of hours will be over 2000. Is this fair game for the ABS or will ad
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