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  1. That's awesome to hear! What's your work schedule like? Also is a fellowship helpful to negotiate for these kinds of things or can a general rad land a part time job with not much difficulty all things considered equal? Also if you're able to share, what kinds of stuff do you do on the side? Hobbies and such or business/investing stuff? Glad there are rads out there who aren't rushing head over heels to get into a full time academic position and want to live an actual balanced life.
  2. I'm strongly considering doing locums or doing part time work for a year or two after residency before committing to a fellowship or full time position. The response to this idea from academic Rads is pretty skewed to "why wouldn't you want to work full time, this is the best job in the world" type mentality. I feel there are a lot of non academic Rads who are doing other things (running their own imaging clinics, consulting, pursuing other business/investing/start up interests, etc.) that we don't get exposed to unless you have connections. I would rather work 4-6 months a year, do many
  3. Which fellowships lead to the highest net income? Was surprised to learn IR doesn't make as much based on per unit of work/procedure compared to other interventional areas. What about Emerg & Trauma, MSK, etc.?
  4. A friend of mine went unmatched last year and most of the advice from the college was "apply to FM". They applied to Rads and although got a good number of interviews...I wonder how friendly more competitive specialty programs (or programs in general) view unmatched students. A few years ago I knew someone who asked CaRMS for other kinds of data - gender and ethnicity variability amongst specialties across Canada. They were wondering whether the algorithm somehow helped programs appear to fulfill an unspoken 'variety quota' - a good mix of female:male and/or different ethnicities. CaRMS d
  5. UBC Family Med Current: Jan 26 or Jan 27 Desired: Jan 13
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