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  1. Thank you for telling me this, I'll definitely look at all the other factors before picking my undergrad!
  2. Ok thank you for your advice. Also do you (or anyone doing dentistry) have recommendations for a pre-dental program in an Ontario university? I've gotten an offer from University of Toronto for life sciences but have been told by many not to go with it due to it being know for deflating GPA.
  3. Oh I'm sorry for the confusion but I'm a dual citizen for US and Canada, and from what I have seen Canada's education is cheaper. That's why I am going with Canada.
  4. This is a little different question: I am thinking to do complete a BDS as my undergrad instead of a science undergrad before applying for a DDS program in Canada/US. Is there any problems I would face in doing so? Will I have to go through extra license exams and processes? So it would be 5 years of a BDS and doing the DAT then 4 years of a DDS then licensing exam The reason I'm thinking to do a BDS undergrad instead of a science undergrad is because with a BDS degree I can still find employment with better pay outside of US/Canada compared to a job with my science degree any
  5. Thank you 3booodi and Coronaxtra for helping me out. I've had a look at the Irish and Australian routes, they seem to be a good idea, but are quite expensive. Also I do want to keep my options open for both US and Canada, so I think I'll go with applying in Canada for undergrad, then apply to dental schools in Canada and the US, and as a backup could apply to the Atlantic Bridge Program (the 4 year one) in Ireland. And then do the license exam.
  6. Thanks for replying! Ok so option 2 is to but I heard that no international dental school is accredited by the US board of dentists. So what I understand is, the only option is that I do the following to be able to work as a dentist in US/Canada: (4 year undergrad in any course) + (4 years dental school in US/Canada) + (the NBDE license exam) = can work in US/Canada Is that correct? Also can you please explain what OSCE exam is for?
  7. Oh I see, Thanks for replying. Would you by any chance have a link to the site which states this, because I can't seem to find anything on it. Thanks again
  8. Thank you so much for replying! That is what I heard, you can't work with a degree outside of America and Canada, but the reason is because most universities internationally give a BDS (Bachelors of Dental Surgery) which is not sufficient to work with in America and Canada. However there are a few universities outside of US and Canada that do give a DDS degree, and it seems to be a weird concept to graduate with a DDS degree internationally and then study a few more extra years in US//Canada to receive the same DDS degree you already had. If anyone has been in this position, or knows
  9. Hi, I'm a high school student applying for university. I am a US citizen and plan to work in the US as a dentist. My question is that if I earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) not a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) outside of the US and Canada will I have to attend university for an internationally trained dentist program afterwards, or can I just do the license exam NBDE and immediately work as a dentist in the US? Any help would be appreciated.
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