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  1. Hello There!! Congratulations on your acceptance!! I have also been accepted to Western's OT Program and have accepted my offer! My roommate (also OT) and I will be living at Platt's Lane this upcoming fall. I would also love to start getting to know people!!
  2. I got this email from Western OT as well. I only applied to Western so I am not sure about other schools.
  3. I am not sure about schools outside of Ontario, but in Ontario, I am pretty sure it is only Queens that uses cGPA. The rest are sGPA! Both are listed on your ORPAS account though
  4. my SGPA is correct but the years that they have listed for my courses may be wrong. For example, they put the courses that I took in the Fall 2018 (last term) as 2019. Now I am unsure as to whether they are counting those courses as the "2019 school year" but I technically took them in 2018. It was the same for some courses that I took in 2017. I sent them a message. If there are any problems I will be sure to contact Western directly as well. Thanks for your advice. I very much appreciate it!!
  5. Also if you see any errors make sure that you send ORPAS a message. I saw that they may have put the wrong years for a few of my courses. So if you are a bit worried or thought it would be calculated differently, then just send them a message Also, the sGPA is predicted to potentially drop (at least at Western) due to the introduction of the Casper this year! Good Luck! I wish you well
  6. They actually rounded mine up beyond what I had been calculating! Which I wasn't expecting. I had calculated out various scenarios (from bad to good) of how they would calculate my grades and it ended up being the best scenario possible! I am much more nervous about my Casper score!!
  7. When I talked to the Western compressed nursing program coordinator last year she was expecting them to also implement the Casper as their grade requirements were getting crazy high. SHe cited Trent's as an example saying that after the implemented the Casper the percentage cut off dropped by like over 5-7% or something (from like 90%+ University average to 81-84%). When the OT coordinator at Western hinted at changes coming this year I assumed it would probably be the Casper. I believe that it will indeed drop the GPA a little bit When I have talked to practitioners in the field (OT
  8. Hey I private messaged you about this but I thought maybe it would be useful for everyone wondering this as well if I posted here as well! I was at Western OT/ PT preview day and when the date of January 20th was mentioned as the last day to write the Casper they didn't seem to take any issue with it. So I would assume that they take this into account when setting the deadlines for students with the Casper center/ testing company. If you click on the schools that you want it will give you a list of dates. In reality, the Casper runs into January but when you click on "Western OT"
  9. Hey there! I went on exchange to Australia in Winter Term 2016 and I am also planning on applying. Western had told me that IF they fall into my last two years I would have to include a WES evaluation and send them that AND the transcripts. Found here: https://www.wes.org/ca/ I know Australia (at least Griffith) has an express Transcript service that only takes a week but costs about $50 on top of the transcript fee. I am unsure as to how that will work though, as after exams they need time to mark, make grades official etc. But then again Australia's school system is a little differ
  10. When I signed up it said the latest date to write the Casper for Western's OT admissions was January 20th just so you know. Some dates run into March for other programs but OT (at least at Western) is January 20th! Also, you don't need your ORPAS number when you sign up (it asks you) but if you want to work on your personal submission some more just choose to input your phone number into the other box
  11. Hello fellow applicants! I am very excited to be applying this year!! Applied + (PT or OT?): Western OT (1st time)Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa; cGPA 3.78, sGPA 3.99 (i think)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have worked/ volunteered in multiple settings as a Recreation Therapy student in mental health, geriatrics, accessibility planning, community Alzheimer's programs, and community inclusion initiatives. I have also worked underneath both OTs and PTs in a clinical hospital setting for rehab after strokes/ car accidents, mental healt
  12. I am applying for this year but when I contacted Western last year they expected it to land somewhere above 3.7. I think they started sending out acceptances at 3.77. But this year they have implemented the Casper test so I assume the GPA may drop a little bit! It is weighted as 30% Casper, 70% GPA this year which is new!
  13. Good Morning everyone! I am a 4th-year student who has been hoping to apply to Western's Occupational Therapy program. It is my dream profession truly! I have always been under the impression that the job market is quite strong especially because I have a strong interest in working with Older Adults and in mental health. I am almost finished my degree in Recreation Therapy and I double minored in Psychology & Gerontology with a GPA of around 3.981-3.985 depending on my last few fall courses. I am debating on whether to apply to OT for 2019 or to wait a year and work. I have
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