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  1. Thank you for the response! That gives me some hope then , excluding the ECs and essays of course.
  2. I just emailed them and they said this, I think what people were getting before as well: “I wish to inform you that candidates will receive the status of application by e-mail at the end of January 2021.”
  3. I think there is a number listed in their acknowledgement email that we could try.
  4. All the best to you, I know you’ll achieve your goals one way or another!
  5. If it comes out tomorrow, that’s a date consistent with previous years right? Although it seems like Mac doesn’t follow dates by the #, but by the day of the week.
  6. Wow that’s a VERY great CARS score. An above average CASPER as well should be enough I think.
  7. Oh damn yea probably a troll then. I haven’t emailed yet but feel free to email and let us know if they say anything!
  8. Someone on r/premedcanada said they did, but deleted the post 10-15 minutes later so it was kinda sus. They said Mac will release this week AND next week.
  9. Holy crap! This is an AMAZING resource, thank you so much for putting this out there. Absolute legend!!!
  10. Third year applying this cycle! I have a 3.876 GPA and just got my MCAT score back this week, with a 129 in CARS. How well do I have to do on Casper to proceed to interview? I know there is a study out there that can help me in estimating my chances, but I just started stats this semester!
  11. So I got this invitation from McMaster in the mail. It seems to offer some opportunities in volunteering, networking, community work, etc. I'd imagine the scholarships are next to impossible to get though. Is it worth joining or having golden key listed on a med school application (membership fee one time $95)?
  12. Hello everyone, I just finished first year in Life Sci at McMaster with a 3.91 GPA and various extracurriculars and volunteering experiences, and have just started some research. I'll be going into biochem next year, and am not sure if I am in a good position or not to think about taking the MCAT in the summer after 2nd year, to apply to some medical schools in Ontario for 3rd year. What would you guys consider "enough" to warrant spending money on 3rd-year applications?
  13. Hello, So I am a prospective student who may soon accept my offer to McMaster's Life Sciences program! I'm looking for any information that you guys/gals can give, such as the competitiveness of the environment, opportunities for research, professor approachability and availability, quality of teaching, marking on curves, general difficulty, how you found Mac overall, and just your feelings about the program and your own personal experiences in striving towards professional programs such as medicine and dentistry. Do you feel as though Mac Life Sci adequately prepared you for post-gradua
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