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  1. True. I heard this from the admissions office directly.
  2. Got rejected (IP, OOO, wgpa3.93). My stats will probably be the same next year, should I even bother applying? EDIT: to clarify, applying to ottawa again
  3. Invite/Rejection: Rejected Time Stamp: 6:48pm Location: IP, OOO Stream: English wGPA: 3.93 Current year: 5th year ECs: research, tutoring, TAing, lots of advocacy, clinical shadowing, student government Casper: I thought it went well! I prepared quite a bit for it, felt confident, barely got cut off
  4. To pass the time...what was one good thing that happened to you all over the weekend?
  5. I can't tell if this is trolling lmao and I'm not interested in calling
  6. Hi, interested in skype help to prep for Ottawa's panel interview.
  7. Hi, you can use apps that scan high quality images. Typically, these apps let you scan a few images for free before paying. This method is way better than taking an image and converting to pdf.
  8. Perhaps its because they are incorporating ABS into the score like @Donald_Duck mentioned in a previous thread. I'm assuming that this process would add some time.
  9. I came across this article and found it inspiring https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/dr-william-macrae-truly-practiced-what-he-preached/article37664361/
  10. Should I go with an academic reference instead? Or would it be okay to give them resources on how they can approach writing a strong letter?
  11. I suspect it wouldn't be because its formulated for the new mcat...but getting more opinions seems like a good idea
  12. Apologies for replying very late. A lot of replies are focusing on people of low ses backgrounds and failing to realize that black individuals often experience this intersection of both race and low ses. Let's not ignore the issues and barriers to medicine other people may face because of their background. It's hard to imagine if you can't experience it, but black individuals do experience this. The way some of you totally dismissed race in this thread made me wish I don't have future classmates like you... Also, having a diverse class would probably make you a better doctor.
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