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  1. Hi everyone, I am a bit unsure on how many days a week I will be spending on campus. Perhaps someone can give me some advice regarding parking passes for a first year medical student. I understand that there is some variation because of holidays, FLEX, and shadowing, but maybe I can get an average. So here are a few questions regarding parking and days a week at certain locations: Would it be a good idea to buy a UBC parking pass as a first year medical student? How many days a week am I expected (on average) to spend at the UBC campus? How many days a week am I expected (
  2. Yes, does anyone know how or when we will be able to set our Alumni email as a UBC Hosted Mailbox? Does this happen later in the summer?
  3. Hi, I have recently been accepted to UBC DMD. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the types of summer jobs or experiences I can be involved with during the summer before I begin dental school or during the summers between my years within dental school? I am looking for things that are relevant and may help jump start my future as a dentist. I understand that a common thing to do is to shadow specialties or do research. However, are there other paid experiences (other than research)? Thanks
  4. Hi It appears that interview invitations were sent for the University of Manitoba DMD! I honestly didn't realize until I checked the online portal. Invite OOP
  5. Accepted IP! Does anyone know if UBC DMD offers entrance scholarships automatically for some individuals? If so, when are these decisions and notifications made?
  6. Were applicants told early last year? What was the target date (week) and what was the actual decision date?
  7. Do you think the pre-req ranking is separate for IP and OOP? For example, if the rankings were separated then someone with a pre-req of 3.85 oop may actually score a 0/20? If anyone knows how many rankings there were last year, then we will know the answer to this question. It can be one of two possibilities: 1. If someone was ranked 100/342 on pre-reqs then it is all clustered together. 2. If someone was ranked 100/290 or 10/52, then they are separated. Maybe someone knows?
  8. I am also interested. Could I please be added to the group?
  9. I'd be happy to skype. I live in Vancouver if anyone wants to practice in Vancouver.
  10. I am also very curious about this since I am in this same boat. Does anyone know if and/or how much the OOP pre-interview waitlist moves? It would be great to have an idea!! How did your friend determine this? Did they just email admissions?
  11. OOP. ~3.9 GPA Waitlist for interview invite. Anyone know what the chances of getting off the waitlist are for oop?
  12. Hi, Thanks for giving tips and advice - much appreciated by the forum community!! Anyways, I am someone who has been fortunate enough to have been interviewing for the past couple years for UBC MD. With that said, I am now also applying to UBC PharmD and have a good amount of EC and leadership (average score compared to interviewed applicants for MD) with about 87% cGPA, but no ECs that are pharmacy specific. Is it typical for an applicant to UBC to be admitted without any pharmacy experience?
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