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  1. Thank you so much for this! I think that is great to reinforce for all applicants - that medicine is not the only route. There are many other pathways that involve patient care and many other skills required of MDs. And many have their own great benefits! Congratulations on your acceptance and thank you for this note
  2. It's your "Raw Personal Activity (x/15)". This is what my rejection email had (but your Acceptance email might be different): cGPA (x/4.00) MCAT (x/132) Raw Personal Activity (x/15) Max Score 4.00 131.25 12.00 Average Score 3.85 128.75 7.92 Your Score 3.62 125.5 8
  3. What was your EC score? Sounds like you have a lot of great experiences!
  4. Thanks for letting me know! I had the thought that they screwed something up and did not log my online interview correctly :/. It's a bit frustrating because they say that once you have the interview, that's what they based your admissions decision on... yet they don't tell us how they scored our interview!
  5. Result: Regrets Timestamp: 9:09 am Mountain Time Geography: IP GPA: 3.62 MCAT: 125.5 Degree: BSc with Honours in Chemistry, MSc in Organic Chemistry ECs: 8/15 Interview: I was really thrown off by the delay in starting the Zoom meeting (March 20th at 8:15 am MT), and the different structure compared to the UofC. I felt the MMI stations went well, but did not leave time for follow-up questions in the panel station. Thoughts: Obviously this sucks, the UofA is a very good school. But, I understand given my GPA and MCAT scores. I was happy to see that my EC
  6. I just got my admissions decision (rejected).. did anyone get an interview score? The email I received with the scores says "Below we have summarized the main criteria upon which you were evaluated for invitation for interview " but doesn't mention my interview!
  7. I am interested! I will message you directly :D
  8. Since the 2018 presentation was pre-COVID (which changed everything) I would follow the guidelines they've specifically provided for this year!
  9. Result: Invite GPA: 3.57 MCAT: 502 (CPBS 125, CARS 125, BBFL 126, PSBB 126) Current Degree: Open studies at UofC to upgrade my GPA. I have a BSc (Honours Chemistry), and MSc (Organic Chemistry). Geography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): This is a long list as I am an older applicant (29 years old). Awards include scholarships, awards for oral presentations at conferences, and athletic awards. Achievements include degrees, publications, and a promotion in a professional setting. Volunteering inclu
  10. Have you taken your exam yet? I am registered for the Aug 31 date in Calgary and would like a study buddy throughout the summer!
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