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  1. Result: Rejection Time Stamp: 8:54 am (EST) wGPA: 4.0 Year: Finished Undergrad in 2020 Casper quartile: 75-100% MCAT: 512 (129/126/128/129) ECs: Varied Geography: OOP Figured this would happen. Didn’t think I had a shot because of the Maritimes connection. Best of luck to all applicants.
  2. Also applying somewhat last minute; would really appreciate if someone could share the questions (still working on the maritime connection question)! Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you so much for your response! I did not consider or take into account the reapplication questions. I do not think it is worth the effort at my current state to apply to the schools I listed due to my lack of options. But I will look into doing some pre-reqs to broaden my chances in the future. For now, I'll continue to re-apply in Canada and strengthen my overall CV.
  4. Hello everyone, I haven't had much luck with applying to schools in Ontario and was thinking of trying my luck at American schools. Due to a lack of some pre-req's (mainly some orgo and physics), I'm limited with options but I did manage to find a few schools that did not have these as requirements. I noticed however, that a majority of these schools take few interviews (10-25 people at the maximum) and then end up selecting anywhere from 0-5 people. As well, the number of international/Canadian applicants always tend to be in the 600-700 range. I currently have a 3.8 cGPA (slightly lowe
  5. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 12:07 wGPA: 3.98 Year: Graduated 2020, Gap Year MCAT: 129/126/128/129 (512) ECs: Diverse/unique with lot's of volunteering, not as much research CASPer: Probably average. I'm guessing my low CARS got me cut from file review maybe, not sure.
  6. Invite/Rejection: Reject Location: IP Stream: English cGPA: 3.88 Current year: Graduated May 2020, Gap Year ECs: Above average, but very diverse. Casper: Did Casper last year, and prepared much more this year (3-4 weeks). I thought it went decent, answered all questions except for one. Also completed snapshot (but didn't really prepare too much). Was hoping that I could improve here and make up for my lackluster cGPA. Looks like the new changes revolving around cGPA favour those with higher cGPA, and anyone who was competitive with wGPA previously and had a lower cGPA has a signifi
  7. I'm in the same boat as you, oddly same cGPA and wGPA (if they stuck to this format) - hope we get lucky this year! I also agree with your sentiments; go for the application @TheDarkPassenger if you can because I suspect the admitted average to drop by at least 0.03-0.05. They might change their mind about this cutoff. It wouldn't make sense to penalize applicants who make up for low cGPA with a solid ABS and great performance on the CASPER.
  8. On OMSAS, there's a small box you click to check mark if an activity is in your top 3 or not. You should include all your normal activities for ABS and then be able to click which ones are in your top 3 for each category.
  9. I believe it has been mentioned that uOttawa is keeping their previous cutoff of 3.85 this year. Not sure if it's 100% true or if they changed their mind though.
  10. Hi, I'm not a medical student (just another applicant) but from what I've seen it looks like the wGPA required for file review will definitely drop due to the new changes made (less FCE drops). This is expected as a lot of people's wGPA should drop quite a bit. People have been saying the minimum would be something like a 3.85 wGPA for file review (undergrad applicants), but I honestly have no clue (I'm not even sure what the exact cutoff was before the changes, I want to say a 3.9 for undergrad applicants?). If anyone has any input on this, I'd love to know your thoughts! I'm in the sam
  11. Thank you! I must have missed it when perusing through the website trying to find that (lol)
  12. I've emailed about this just now, I hope we can get a response soon (they are busy with the emails this year I guess).
  13. Not sure if I’m blind or lost, but where do we put specify our top 3? I clicked the school submissions section but there’s no tab that lets you pick your top 3. Does that mean we’re supposed to put it in the title of the specific ABS items themselves? Any help would be appreciated, thank you! EDIT: Thanks to Lakeside for the answer below!
  14. How do you guys think this new cut off of 3.85 (cGPA) will impact those with lower end GPAs (closer to the cutoff)?
  15. Seems like my question wasn't answered on the webinar, but does anyone know if P/F courses are still going to count as one of the courses that must be dropped when accounting for wGPA? I know P/F courses were considered as a drop in previous years/cycles, but there's no mention of this on the updated page with the new admission requirement changes. EDIT: I emailed them about this, I'll let everyone know what they respond with! EDIT2: They said they're still dropping P/F courses first as part of the 2 FCE drops
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