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  1. It's through email. System is automated, so it shouldn't be delayed.
  2. A few international students already got acceptances. Did anyone else hear back yet?
  3. Traditionally the results come out on the Tuesday after the last interview weekend, but last year's came out on the Monday. Some years they were staggered where someone received an offer the day after some people.
  4. There won't be a way to find out about your UofT MD status before the MD-PhD offer deadline. You will have to either decline your MD-PhD offer and hope you get U of T or accept your MD-PhD offer and forget about U of T. I think my advice would be to accept your MD-PhD offer if you get one.
  5. I had friends from last year rejected with wGPA of 4.0 and amazing ABS. Albeit they were masters students, they had a diverse ABS with a lot of leadership and academic activities.
  6. I remember! It was March 27th and everyone who didn’t get interviews got rejected. Interesting who they interview and who they don’t...
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