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  1. Great - that helps put some of this puzzle into perspective, thanks so much @OTLae! Seems like the nominations and wait list placements will be quite staggered over the next few weeks/months based on the rate of declines....
  2. Perhaps we can get a better idea of when the wait list might move by knowing the deadline(s) for offers already sent. @aliOT and @OTLae : did admissions give you any sort of deadline for accepting/declining? Congrats again! Just hoping we won't be waiting in limbo all summer
  3. Kudos to the nominees! Does anyone know how much the wait list moves? I saw that some people were getting put on the wait list in June, which suggests that there is very much an evolving list from the first offers sent ~May 1. But is it just a handful of the ~30 offers or does it cycle through many more (10+)? If anyone has any insight or experience with the wait list I'd be very curious!
  4. Thanks @Lilllly :) I finally received my ranking and I landed between 370 and 385 out of 788 in the prescreen cohort (don't want to identify myself with my precise ranking). They don't provide more than the overall ranking, unfortunately. So, not sure if it was more CASPer or GPA that brought me down, but I feel like this is workable either way given that it appears that rankings can fluctuate considerably from year to year for repeat applicants. What I am curious to know is if they are going to increase the number of interviewees next cycle due to the increase in seats. I don't know if
  5. Result: Reject wGPA: 3.86 (~3.9+ with EC if considered) MCAT: N/A ECs: Healthcare related: 2+ years board director for mental health organization, ICU shadowing ..... Non-Healthcare related: 10+ years working in marketing and sales, including several years as executive director of company, 5+ years as an international touring and musician and band manager. So, a fair bit of leadership roles and all quite varied. Casper: finished top 10-12% in rankings for last two NTP cycles, both times. Felt pretty much this same this time around, although I did realize I misread a ques
  6. @mattysal I feel your pain. But, like @amt6500 has mentioned in another thread, the NTP was a tough pathway to get into to begin with so maybe your chances will be better with these new modifications to the MDCM. For the 3 prereqs: not sure which ones you are missing, but you can do them at Cegep (Dawson, e.g.) quite easily and affordably. If not, Athabasca offers remote courses for pretty much all prereqs - with labs - except for biology (although it is much more expensive). I haven't considered writing admissions about this. For starters, I already planned on switching to the tradition
  7. Thanks, @amt6500! Though I'm totally out of my league here, my gut tells me that the 'human' aspects of a physician (e.g. communication and compassion) will be the most valuable qualities as AI and other tech takes over the more quantitative and analytic parts of the profession. So, totally agree that those qualities should be sought after here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For the CEGEP grades, I was wondering how they get calculated into overall 'GPA' component in the MDCM/Uni stream, both for initial application and then post-interview (as pre-requisites).
  8. I agree with @amt6500 that NTP may not have been such a great option for a lot of 'non traditional' candidates anyway and I am looking on the positive side of this! I have known at least a couple of people who successfully switched streams to get in and that is something I am going to try for myself. Regarding GPA: past year NTP applicant cycles have usually seen somewhere in the ~3.85 GPA average range for successful interviewees, so it seems like low GPAs (less than 3.6) probably weren't very competitive to begin with for NTP. (On that note, does anyone know how they calculate 'GPA' wi
  9. Kudos on the interview @swtomd! I did contact admissions - their response was very vague and doesn't encourage me one way or another. PM'ing you @RD2BE
  10. Hello! Has anyone here applied first as an NTP and then again as a traditional/University applicant after having completed or redone all science prereqs? If so, any insights? Also, has anyone successfully provided a letter of EC for not having completed degree full-time in the University stream? I.e. you completed degree mostly on a full-time but had to exceptionally reduce to part-time due to extenuating circumstances? Any thoughts or insights would be great!
  11. First time poster here. Just want to contribute to the body of data that I often trawled in hopes of determining my chances in the past.... Kudos to all the invitees and good luck to all! Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.72 CARS: 127 CASPer: Felt quite good: honest, articulate, sizeable and complete answers to all questions. But, not good enough to counterbalance lower GPA and CARS evidently! Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ IP, NTP, grad
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