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  1. I've posted in other places and been getting told "I'm not being objective" or "I'm distorting the true Mac experience." As a c2022 who choose to go to Mac, I think it is the best decision I have ever made. The flexibility is unparalleled, the environment and peers are so friendly, and the stress-free nature of it has been extremely beneficial to my mental health. To all students coming to Mac med, you have the opportunity to create an experience that fits your needs, participate in things you enjoy, avoid things that you don't. You will find people who are like-minded, kind and enthusiast
  2. Yea some are pretty bad, I won't lie. But others actually are very stimulating, and if you come in having done the preparation, you can learn a lot more than a didactic presentation that could be achieved with an Osmosis video. There's a lot fewer lectures, and the ones delivered truly are high yield. For those that like didactic, the archived lectures get mixed reviews. I find them too long and boring personally, I have friends and tutorial mates that swear by them.
  3. I wouldn't be able to speculate on this. Perhaps Queen's students can attest to what their clinical environment is projected to look like. I do know the Ontario schools are doing their best to be equal in their rules to be fair to all medical students chances in CARMS, and are meeting regularly (the deans that is).
  4. If this is in reply to my comments, I am a first year student. Speaking from my personal experience, that does not represent the feelings of everyone going through this. Lectures have changed drastically. PBL believe it or not persists without a tutorial room, or whiteboard. Anatomy is also adapting to an online delivery. Again my perspective, as someone actively going through it. It's not easy, but then again this whole situation isn't easy either.
  5. The way I see it everyone is in the same boat. All clerks are pulled at the same time, and when they go back they will go back together. The capacity for horizontals might take a bit longer, but we have to remember that the clinical environment is not at all "normal." Most family doctors are working virtually, all elective surgeries are postponed, many walk-ins and hospitals are empty, others are very busy, and honestly quite dangerous. Any elective is not going to be representative of the career you can expect there for a while, plus putting learners can be taxing on limited PPE resources
  6. Hi there, Thank you for sharing your thoughts as a 3rd year mac med student who had gone through the whole program. I think you bring up some excellent things for discussion, but I wanted to provide my personal perspective (a c2022) as someone actually going through the curriculum change, and online PBL. The roll-out of the new curriculum, while not ideal, has been changed quite a lot since the beginning of the year, and they seem to be striking a much better balance of what they were trying to achieve. Having more mandatory sessions was seen as cumbersome by some, however the nature o
  7. Honestly one of my favourite parts of being here (c2022). I was nervous commuting, and that I would find it tough meeting people. It was so wrong. I think within the first month I knew 80% of the class, and I can confidently say now I probably know the name and face of 95% of my classmates. There are tons of social events run through the school (and unofficial ones - happy to DM if you want more details lol). Having 0 stress assessments means you can always go out an celebrate a friend's birthday, or just for fun (there was probably a stretch of 5-6 weekends I was not home lol). Having thi
  8. c2022 here chiming in about stream selection. Our actual final streams are on hold for now as they reconfigure what clerkship is going to be like. They could have matched us and then switched streams, but they listened to feedback and will actually re-open stream rankings once again once the final reconfiguration can be made. Speculating here - given that horizontals will likely be hard to come by for a while, I imagine the timeline for stream selection could be requested to be pushed back as well to allow adequate time for career exploration. Also clerkship itself has been completely
  9. A small number of each class do an "enrichment year" for various reasons, and I think anecdotally this does increase their chances of matching. Seems to be more for extremely competitive specialties, that people kind of came later to the game to and I don't think necessary at all to match well. Often its also people pursuing something they are passionate about as well, and the program is flexible to allow you to pursue those (within reason I believe)
  10. Was initially accepted off waitlist, but declined this offer today - hope it goes to someone! (OOP)
  11. Status: OOP acceptance initially, then declined Timestamp: May 9 GPA: 3.9 something cumulative?? MCAT: 524 Interview: First one but I thought it went really well, enjoyed the city and people but want to stay closer to home posting for any OOP waiting for waitlist movement
  12. I am in a similar situation making this decision, except McMaster is IP for me (my parents actually live basically next to the campus). Apart from the 3 vs. 4 argument, what are some other factors that set these schools apart?
  13. Result: Waitlisted initially, accepted May 22 1:28 p.m. Geography: OOP GPA: 4.0 - I think there is a different conversion here MCAT: 524 Degree: BMSc Phys/Pharm EC: Fairly diverse, sports, research, clinical volunteering, and a couple unique Interview: Panel was actually pretty rough, not what I expected. Some MMIs were right up my alley, a couple were iffy. Congrats to those accepted, I am now in the situation where I have to make a decision between this and staying in Ontario. Incredibly grateful for this situation, absolutely loved UofA!
  14. Result: Accepted - Hamilton Campus Timestamp: May 14 7:45 AM cGPA: 3.94 CARS: 130 Interview: Felt that a few stations were iffy, especially the acting. There were a couple that went really well, articulated some unique ideas really well, got the interviewers engaged. Year: 4th year UG Geography: IP This is a dream come true, being from Hamilton, driving passed Mac everyday on my way to high school, always hoping this day would come. I am almost certainly going here, congrats to everyone who received offers and waitlists - I am excited to meet you all! I have
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