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  1. Hello MD wanne be's there. I need some real info regarding doing a second UG to get into medicine. I did biology at concordia with 2.5 gpa (please dont judge), and I am willing to do another UG in psychology to improve my chances into getting to medicine. has anyone had a similar experience and successfully got in? Please help from a tormented MD wanna be
  2. Hello Guys! Any ideas regarding an easy undergrad program at McGill that can lead to medicine? P. S this is as a second degree as I already did biology at Concordia. Thank you!
  3. Hi guys anyone applied to med in their thirties and got in? how does it feel like? is it worth it after this age to still want to be a doctor? especially if you have kids? some insight and real stories plz, thanks
  4. thank you guys any ideas for a good program as a second undergrad, I did biology at Concordia before and I had 3.5/4.3 . Good luck everyone
  5. Hello Everyone, I guess you've seen this kind of posts a lot here, but I'm wondering if any of you has succeeded in getting to med school in Quebec ( especially McGill med) after doing a second bachelor degree because he/she had a low GPA in the first degree. I'm looking mainly for success stories and some details on how to do that. Thanks, guys!
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