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  1. I had a 125 in CARS and thats why i havent applied to queens, mac, etc. Western was hope to me, but it's okay. I'm just genuinely tired man, i really don't know if i have it in me to apply again. People are moving on with their lives and yet im still playing this silly game of applying and living in limbo almost. It's disheartening man. Nonetheless, thanks for your opinion. All the best to you.
  2. How do you want me to approach rejection after 3 cycles!? Im angry, im tired, and im drained. It has taken its toll on me... i don't know how to improve my application for next cycle besides getting a masters. Nothing is guaranteed even if i do obtain a masters. Im done arguing. Peace
  3. Lmao. Y'all really just trying to find excuses for the schools actions. It's hysterical. And the key word here is "maybe"
  4. If a dude with a 526 and a 4.0, who is getting interviews from top schools in the US, gets rejected PRE-INTERVIEW from western... then maybe western is flawed in some way? Wouldn't you think?
  5. The system is goofed up. We deserve an explanation why we got rejected at the very least. When did I say the incoming class is screwed? How are you making these inferences??? When did I have a false sense of superiority? You don't know me in life so don't be making these assumptions when all you have read is one or two posts of mine on a premed101 forumn... This is another problem with the premed community. We come here to discuss our problems and how a spontaneous changed ruined our chances of getting interviews, but we get attacked by people like you.
  6. Writing to the admissions department will do nothing. I tried that last year following a rejection and they were of no help to me. I'm thinking of writing to the local newspaper... maybe it just might headline and showcase a lot of the struggles we face before even starting thiscareer Edit: I'm not even asking for the process to change overnight. I am asking for transparency--for genuine feedback on where we went wrong, otherwise it is just goof up there. The system is going to screw many more deserving students in the future.
  7. Rejected, Swomen, 516, 3.99 cGPA, 4.0 2Y GPA... Also cheesed by this whole shitshow tbh. I'll definitely be in this with you. This was my 3rd application cycle and i just cant keep doing this with no transparency from the schools. Ill private message you my phone number. We can talk.
  8. ya but that doesn't mean anything if the schools are closed. we need them to extend the deadlines and "open" the schools
  9. call them @ 519-823-1940 then have them transfer you over internally to omsas. I could not reach them @ 519 823 1063
  10. I asked them that specific question actually, she said that she doesn't know but she believes that they will have to work with the medical schools if things go bad.
  11. they extended the deadline till 5 PM, just came off the phone with them
  12. Time Stamp: 4:10 January 25th Invite: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN: Yes 2YGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 516
  13. TIME STAMP: Result: Rejected wGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 516 ECs: 3 years in a research lab, volunteer at a hospital, volunteer at a centre for children with autism, mentored 2 years during UG, tutor for 5+ years, pretty standard stuff. Year: finished UG in 2017 IP/OOP/International: OOP (Ontario) Letter of EC: No Casper: mediocre
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