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  1. Seems like a lifetime since the interview! Can't believe we'll be receiving important news in a few hours!!! Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement - they are very much needed at this time All the best to the amazing applicants. It was a pleasure to meet some of you during this process and I know you'll make great doctors. I agree with posters above that we should hold our heads high. It is not an easy process and we should be proud that we have made it this far.
  2. I like the rationale of why Tuesday is a more likely scenario. Will make it easier if the results come out that day or earlier, rather than if I were expecting the results Friday or Monday. Another possibility might be that the med-ps find out earlier (i.e. Friday) and MDCM results come out on Monday. Oh well...too many possibilities. Anyway, it's not like the outcome will change. All we can do is wait. I imagine this must be a super busy time for AdCom! How's everyone holding up?
  3. I have read posts about similar feelings among med students as well. The "goal" was to get into medicine and after that, they did not find much motivation. This, combined with long hours + some unsatisfying rotations did not make for a great experience. However, this is just the experience of select few that I have read online. In your case, I think it would help to do some introspection about WHY I want to do medicine (rather than what if I do medicine). You also have not finished your master's degree yet, so most of your view of your profession comes from select few placements. Maybe t
  4. Agree with BubbleGut that you should reach out to the faculty advisor to find out about the process/eligibility to re-take a course. Take the following with a grain of salt too because I am not familiar with the process. However, I have heard from others that McGill doesn't allow students to retake courses that they have already passed. Perhaps you can look into taking similar course at Concordia/other Montreal universities as an independent student and verify that it is equivalent to BIOL 200. All the best!
  5. Half the wait period is over Even more for some of the earlier interviewees! Feeling pretty much in the same boat as what most have described. Overall, some good, some average, some that I really don't want to think about. I did not focus on what the station was "assessing" or "evaluating" and tried to be myself. All best to us interviewees!
  6. Hey! Sorry to hear about the refusal post interview :( It’s great that you’re already starting to think about your future application. For McGill specifically, I think knowing your ranking would help tremendously in deciding how to move forward. You’ll know where you ranked lower (Casper, academic, CV) and can work towards improving that area. Master’s can improve your ‘academic’ score and CV. Clinical experience will definitely strengthen your CV. However, it’s hard to decide from an application strengthening point of view at the moment because you don’t know where you stand in the diffe
  7. This waiting period is probably one of the hardest parts. As time goes on, we’ll start second guessing our answers and analyzing everything we said/didn’t say/did. As people have mentioned, it’s so hard to know what is being assessed in a particular station. Whether we get in or not, we will not know what we did well or didn’t do well since there’s no individualized feedback. What we perceive as strong might have been our weakest station, and vice versa. OP, I don’t think there’s a ‘right’ answer anyone can give you about this. No one knows what was being assessed. However, my advice woul
  8. There’s always a chance! Your graduate degree and upward trend of cGPA would work in your favour in terms of the 10% of overall academic context. You could write a letter of extenuating circumstances if applicable, but I haven’t heard of an academic explanation letter for McGill. Strong CV + Casper would be important to offset the lower cGPA and pull up your overall pre-interview rank. So I’d suggest focusing on those. I’m pretty sure they will not consider the courses outside of your degree, but perhaps someone with more experience/information could chime in. Otherwise you could always
  9. Pretty sure you can use it. It seems people generally use the 2 out of 3 physics courses that they have scored highest in. I understand what you are saying.... but would recommend that you wait for decisions to come out before registering for the class! All the best :)
  10. I think it also depends on the category that you are applying for (ex: NTP vs IP) as the other candidate profiles would be different. Ex: maybe as an RD you might have a stronger CV for IP pool (which would boost the application despite the cGPA) vs NTP where the CV might not be ranked as highly as others also probably have tremendous work experience. I think getting rankings after the admission cycle would be beneficial in determining which areas can be improved for the future
  11. Sorry to hear that You can check your application to see what is indicated as the status update. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/after-youve-applied --> click on "Minerva status updates and decision codes: what they mean." It describes what the status updates mean.
  12. Congrats! I believe you will receive an email tonight with more information and the website link for the documents.
  13. I think it might be similar to pre med requirements, depending on your academic background. If you look at the Student Ambassador page for McGill medicine, there are some that took the NTP route. Maybe contact the email address given and ask to be put in touch? They might be the best people to answer your questions. All the best for the interview! Is your interview with the IP candidates or pre med candidates?
  14. Have you started practising yet? Interested in group practice! Please let me know - thanks
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