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  1. Selling entire book set for super cheap! PM me for details
  2. Selling book for super cheap! Extremely useful CARS problems that you can only get from the course. PM me for details
  3. Selling entire book set for super cheap! PM me for details
  4. Selling books super cheap! PM me for details
  5. PM to negotiate prices
  6. Hey Ezpz, I think you mean well, and your underlying message is sound, but there is some serious danger to your advice and you're completely missing the point of my post. Of course having deep, meaningful social experiences will enrich one's casper answers and allow them to approach the test confidently, but it doesn't automatically mean you'll be in the best position to do well on the test, and many of my friends with beaming personalities did not make it past the casper stage. To address your first point, I'm not advising a super fast typing speed, I'm advising the NECESSARY typing spe
  7. The No-Nonsense, Definitive Guide to Acing The MCAT in 3-4 months. Hey folks! Since you helped me so much I figured I HAD to give back. Here’s 90% of what I learned when getting ready to start my MCAT. I’ve distilled all this down from the HOURS of study I did on premed forums to ascertain the BEST strategy that has many things in common with what top scorers do. Use it at your own discretion and remember that the best strategy and schedule is one that you can consistently stick to! DO NOT follow this if it doesn’t work, just adapt the parts that make the most sense.
  8. The Holy Grail of Casper - TutorGOAT.pdf As someone who has benefited greatly from the premed 101 community in preparing for Casper (I’ve been offered interviews at Ottawa and McMaster two consecutive years in a row), I wanted to give back by sharing everything I learned from discussion with many successful applicants. Before I go into the details of what I learned, I want to HAMMER HOME the most important facts when it comes to preparing for this test. Be sure to read this first part to get the most out of the holy grail doc. 1. You can and WILL ace the Casper if you prepare prope
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