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  1. Hi guys, I am now offered two opportunities for a summer position as an undergrad. One is in the UHN system and the other at CAMH. Both PIs are senior researchers, but one is an associate prof at UofT and the other is a prof. Both labs are neuroscience related, though one specializes in ophthalmology, which is what I'd like to specialize if I get into Med. So I was wondering how much do these factors weigh both for med school and long-termly speaking. Would working at a more prestigious institute (UHN) look significantly better in CVs? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I was just wondering how much will the cGPA will be weighed in the application progress, or if it is even considered part of the application materials. Is anywhere aware or heard of anything from anybody? I have a cGPA of about 3.77 right now, mostly pulled down by a C in French (I know I know, not the wisest move in choosing courses), and a wGPA of ~3.90. So mostly I am worrying if the cGPA would look bad in my application. Also, I did not do so well (1 B+, 2A-, 1CR, 1 deferred) in the fall 2017 term due to a emergency medical condition. Does anyone know if UofT accep
  3. Thanks for the advice! I'm actually now considering getting my masters before I apply to med. I guess I'll still take the MCAT the coming summer and see how that goes, and if I do not get into med for this round of application, I'll be applying after masters!
  4. Thanks Meridian: My wGPA is actually decent-I had an 3.96 wGPA after the second year, and even after this term, it's still at an 3.90/3.91 (based on how they would calculate my GPA I guess it would differ a bit, but it's within that range). So I guess your suggestion would be to plan a fifth year and wait till the application cycle in 2019 to apply then?
  5. Hi everyone, I transferred over to Ontario from the states after my 2nd year of studies, and is considering if I should take an extra year. I can barely finish the two degrees I'm pursuing (Neuro specialist; Biochem major), but if I drop the specialist to a major, or drop the bch major and keep the neurosci specialist, I'll have no problem graduating on time. Also, doing an extra year would make me an "eligible ontario resident" for Mac, so that's another reason why. I had a GPA of 3.78 after my second year (mostly pulled down by one C in French and one B in calculus one in my f
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