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  1. I’m also an OOP applicant First time applying to Dal!
  2. Oh believe me, I’ve practiced... I’ve worked with a professional interview coach, read several books, practiced with friends and family, video taped and voice recorded myself, followed advice from those who were accepted... you name it, I’ve done it. I began my interview prep for this cycle in August... I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. This process hasn’t taken over my life, but I’ve known that I wanted to be a doctor since I was literally 2 years old. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. Never thought it would be this difficult to get accepted honestly. But like I said, I’ll keep applyin
  3. Thank you. It’s my dream, so I’ll apply until I get in... hopefully next year!
  4. I sadly didn’t get in Round 5 here I come...
  5. I have the button now, but no offer. I applied to NOSM
  6. It seems like time is moving slower and slower as we approach the date lol
  7. Hey! NOSM offers a 0.2 GPA boost for those who have completed a Master’s degree. I’m not sure if you’re from up north/have connections to the north, but it may be worth the GPA boost if you think you can pull off a decent score on their context portion of the application.
  8. Hey, they ask for your campus preference when you accept your invitation to interview
  9. Timestamp: 9:45am Interview: Yes! GPA: 3.87 Context: Indigenous. Born and raised in Northern Ontario. Moved to Central Ontario at age 18 for university. ECs: Rep hockey since age 9, peer tutoring and mentoring, 300+ hours of surgical observership, volunteer work with marginalized individuals, multiple hockey awards, long-term employment, tons of travel experience, various scholarships and awards, etc. Non-trad?: No # of previous applications: 1 Interview Location/Date/Time: March 24th in Sudbury
  10. Yikes... I haven’t heard anything from them yet. Should I contact them to make sure my application was received? Edit: Apparently they sent a confirmation, but I still never got it... Weird...
  11. Hi there. I’ll try to keep this short. I’m two months into my “gap” year after not having been accepted at NOSM this spring, and I’m already driving myself crazy thinking about having to deal with not getting accepted again next year. This is my third round of applications and my second attempt at NOSM. I’m confident (on most days) that I will get an interview invite again this January. My issue is that I walked out of my interview this year feeling like a million bucks, yet unfortunately still did not get accepted. Clearly I didn’t do as well as I thought. I’m just wondering if anyone who has
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