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  1. Does anyone know if there is a particular order as to how interviews will be sent out (IP v. OOP applicants first, alphabetical etc.)? How many 'waves' of invites does Memorial usually have? Thanks!
  2. I wanted to confirm that for those who have transcripts from Ontario, we only need to add a transcript request by Oct.1 to satisfy the deadline requirement? The transcript does not actually need to be received by October 1? Because from what I understand, our respective universities don't even receive our requests until we submit our application...
  3. Does anyone know if USask accepts transcripts via Parchment? Or is it only directly from the Registrar? Thanks in advance!
  4. OP, is your graduate supervisor one of your references? If so, McMaster does not require an additional letter: "If your Graduate supervisor is one of your referees, a second letter is not required." I would presume that there is no official template - I think they just want to confirm that your supervisor/graduate program knows of your intentions to apply to med. I unfortunately can't comment as to how the letter should be submitted, perhaps you could try emailing them again?
  5. I was under the impression that the Toronto Grad Verifier did not have to send an additional confirmation letter - could OP please clarify which medical school from OMSAS requires this letter?
  6. I think it's fine to put your supervisor - that is what I am doing!
  7. Yes, got the same (~7) emails! But you're right, Dalhousie said before September 30.
  8. I did! They were helpful indeed and also gave us a way around the problem!
  9. My referee said that they were having trouble accessing CaRMS via the link - has anyone else run into this problem? Do we need to complete both the 'Reference Requests' and the 'Reference Letter Assignment' sections in order for the referee to access the link? I only completed the former. Thanks in advance!
  10. Could be worth a shot to see if they will still accept a payment! You never know! Hope the MCAT went well. Good luck to you too!
  11. No problem Technically they're due today (July 31) but given COVID, it seems the deadline may be a little more lenient. This is taken from their website : Regarding transcript submission Applicants will be required to upload one unofficial copy of each post-secondary school listed in your application. The upload portal is located in Section 2 of the online application. Unofficial transcripts must include , your name and identifying information of the institution. Unofficial transcripts must be in one of the following formats [PDF (preferred) , JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, GIF]
  12. Maybe you can send them an email to confirm? I sent them an email after my fee status wasn't being updated and they updated it for me!
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