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  1. If I had 3 stations where I only got 4-5 minutes to answer the question, does that count as something I should let them know?
  2. This was super helpful! Thanks for taking the time to write all of this Will PM you!
  3. Hey! Thanks for the tip! Actually, I am hoping to enter the MD/PhD program and the MD application is one half of the application process so that's why Also, I don't think anyone's advice is not worth considering/listening to so I'd love to hear how you've approached the NAQ section if you're willing to share!
  4. Hi there! I am a returning UBC applicant currently doing my first year MSc at UBC. When I originally applied in undergrad, I was OOP and was very discouraged to see my NAQ score and was quite puzzled as to how it was so low considering I had received interviews from multiple Ontario medical schools. However, upon reflection, I felt like I definitely did not tailor my NAQs to emphasize my involvement and commitment to the activities. Going into this year's application, I really want to put my best foot forward and I was hoping for some general advice for the NAQ section. I'm not sure if th
  5. So as a girl and someone who typically really cares about how I dress, I was wondering if dresses were appropriate to wear to medical school interviews? For example, something like this, even with a blazer over it? https://www.theory.com/miyani/F0001602.html?cgid=womens-dresses?dwvar_F0001602_color=001&dwvar_F0001602_color=001#start=1 Also, how bad is it to push the envelope in terms of interview attire...it seems like to me that medical school interview attire is more limiting than most interview attire options considering I've only ever seen people suggest blazers and trou
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