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  1. definitely not representative, plus i think there is a huge number on the waitlist. Like U of C had 140 something. That's insane to me, but i imagine U of A's is similar
  2. Yeah i've kept the PI fully in the loop and they're super understanding. I guess it's more just me feeling bad to be leading them along and then bailing last minute. Also knowing i could start doing things in the lab (assuming it opens up) earlier on instead of waiting until september.
  3. i think that speaks more to the leaders in medicine program U of C has. it's pretty much encourages grad students to apply and then defer until whenever they're done which is amazing
  4. U of A wouldn't let you defer for 4 years unfortunately, especially given it's at a different institution. Quitting is definitely the only option, however it feels quite unprofessional after a PI commits their efforts to you as well. I think it's best as @starmay said and pick a cutoff date and go from there. as challenging as it may be
  5. I have been pondering quite a bit when to somewhat give up and move on this year. I've been accepted to a PhD program and although the PI understands med is my first choice, i need to commit before september, both out of respect and practicality. But there is the fear that once i commit to them, then i'll get an email with an offer the next day and then be too late. Anyone else in this same or similar boat or has thoughts?
  6. are there any other masters/phd people who are defending in the next couple weeks here? I'm trying to ask the admissions office if an offer off the waitlist is only possible if they have received the letter from your department confirming your degree conferment. I'm getting vague answers from them, but i'm getting the impression that regardless of where you are on the waitlist, if you haven't submitted this confirmation letter (after thesis is submitted with no revisions), your name will just be passed until you submit it. And if this isn't until mid june, chances are super low of getting i
  7. cohort 1 waitlisted. Does anyone know what date accepted people have to accept/decline their offer by?
  8. you're set then. Focus on ECs and your GPA (if you're still taking classes). don't re write til it expires - it clearly isn't your weak point
  9. thanks! my gpa definitely helped (3.89 for u of c, 3.93 for u of a) and i have a MSc with lots of ECs all over the place
  10. honestly i wouldn't rewrite. That's a really solid score!!! Are you getting interviews? i got a 504 (125/125/127/127) and got interviews at u of c and u of a. If you got an interview, i dont think it's worth your time/money/stress to rewrite
  11. got waitlisted. anyone heard things about how much the list moves?
  12. i am very impressed they're looking into this. some of those comments were written by people who clearly aren't equipped to be doctors
  13. probably so they can laugh looking back to the stress of when they were in our shoes
  14. i was just looking on the MD admissions site and it says offers will be sent by May 15. not sure if it's always said that or not. at least it's gonna be this week
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