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  1. I recently learned that you can also do FM, and even without the +1, if you work 400 emerg hours a year for 4 years (or something like this) you can challenge the emerg exam. Lots of routes to emerg.
  2. For first years- from school start till end (sept to may). Second years from sept to dec. There is a ceremony afterwards, this year it looks like it hasn't occured yet, where faculty/students/uoft thank the donors and their families for their gift.
  3. Agreed it's terrifying, it's scary their government is brazenly attacking physicians and by and large isn't accountable to anyone. From what I've been reading/understand (please correct me if I am wrong): he's a bit of a bully (showing up at people's homes, public shaming etc.), looking at legislation put forth obviously capping physician pay with contracts (fine... I guess... but without mention of benefits ie pension, health etc. and bill 21 means the contract is worthless), lacking integrity with bill 21/managing discussions with AMA regarding physician compensation, looking to implement pr
  4. Not in industry, haven't completed a MSc. I can note however, that the insight and awareness that you have and would develop in pharma (drug design, related pubs, concerns with bribes etc) makes all the more reason you'd be a potentially good doctor. It's one thing to note that it is unethical to take bribes from pharma, it is a bit of a slipery slope to assume anyone related to the career is unethical/negatively connotated/unfavorable with medical schools. Some of my classmates have pharmacy backgrounds or orgo backgrounds, some even with gap years from these programs, and are some of th
  5. I mean, it's always good to show altruism from the goodness of your heart but I'd also say go where you best grow your skills/develop. If both of the two are dead end, ie 300 hours of pure typing or 300 hours of pure food sorting... I might say it's purely money vs saying you volunteer. I might not say one is better than the other if you aren't passionate about either. However, if you feel you'd learn more as a scribe (ex. med term, vague patient interaction, relationship with doctor, potential research connections) vs food bank (ex. advocacy, vulnerable populations, community leadership
  6. Hi there, I've been in a similar boat, maybe you can take something from my experience. I took a year off without planning to before getting into medical school. In 4th year I applied to only one med school (knowing it likely wouldn't work out) and applied to a research MSc last minute (because everyone else was), and even more last minute decided I didn't want to pursue it (I have never once regreted not pursuing that research masters, in fact I'm grateful I didn't waste 2 years of my life on it). If research isn't your thing, that's cool, if it is, consider finding a clinical/lab/health
  7. I vaguely remember my certified cheque costing between 7-10$ last year via my bank if that helps.
  8. My expereince at UofT is that the class is very ready and willing to help you (ex sharing notes, resources, and google docs to help with studying). Of course, there are all kinds of personailties, though my general experience is that everyone is kind and polite, for example, when group outtings occur anyone who wants to come (pub nights, boardgames, etc.) can just join right in. I do admit, having come from a different undergrad, medical school classmates just don't seem to have as much time to hang out BUT it definitely doesn't feel as cut-throat. There are of course, like anywhere, a few ver
  9. Last year UofT admission emails came out roughly around 9:30 am (most were a few mins (up to 30 mins) after, v few people before 9:30). Best of luck everybody I hope you hear good new soon
  10. Agreed. I have Bose QC35 wireless model. I love them and they're great at ambient constant noise cancellation but if someone is speaking it does go through. I always have sort of elevator music playing (pretty even, similar classical/instrumental music) which for me effectively blocks voices while working. For sleep, imo these aren't comfortable enough (you can't turn your head L/R on your pillow) and would say unfortunately regular earplugs seem like your go to. There are Bose Sleep Pods designed for this though I believe? Though I haven't tried them personally.
  11. I would agree. If you have a science background, TPR was too detailed for what you need, it's content overkill. I used TPR for my first MCAT write, but struggled to finish the content on time and definitely did not practice questions enough (lol why it was my first write bahahaha). I did not personally use Kaplan, but heard good things. At the end of the day it's about having a solid enough foundation and applying, applying, applying it. 1000% get the MCAT bundle, it is the best prep/practice you can get. Somewhere on the second page of my comment history in 2018 is some advice
  12. Honestly, all those options sound great because any outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in will do (provided it is professional). No one can really tell if the black pants you bought don't match the black blazer you happen to have Best of luck!
  13. This is a one off anecdote, a former fellow lab student had a similar issue two years ago. An explaination letter was sent to uoft and a phone call was made and while an incredibly stressful experience, that individual did get an interview that cycle (though no acceptance). While I can't say it will or won't work out. Know that there is hope.
  14. So, typically you go in, sign general papers to request the loan amount. A few business days later you get approval for the bank and within a few more days (provided your rep has ordered these forms), you go in to sign your loan agreement/set up accounts/cards. Sometimes cards will take a few days more (somewhere in there you send proof of enrol) I hear you, wish I could buy my furniture ahahaha
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