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  1. 1. this is really up to you and I really doubt you'll be penalized for putting something in the "wrong category". But take a moment and think about the experience: what category would best represent it? If you put down volunteering, can a file reviewer reasonably expect that you felt a sense of service to the community in that activity? That is, while it is true that volunteering is just doing work for no pay, realistically your volunteering activities should demonstrate learning beyond that pertaining to service/community/supporting others, etc. In this sense putting down research is a much b
  2. i bought it straight from apple's own store haha. if you can find a certified refurbished seller it's probably just as good, but i just went with the link i supplied above. edit: fixed above, but i meant 10.5 256gb; the 10.5 doesn't have a 128 model
  3. Maybe I’m being a bit defensive because I’m a UofT alum, but I feel like I should say something good about the school since no one else has said a good thing about it. Idk I guess majority rules in these cases and maybe UofT really was a shit undergrad, but that really wasn’t my experience. academics first. I really don’t consider myself incredibly intelligent, probably just average. But I did my readings as they were assigned (not in-depth either; just as a preview of lectures), asked questions and went to office hours when I was stuck, and there really weren’t any surprises on te
  4. that's the feel im getting from this haha. still, given the job market it's probably better to have a phd than not right?
  5. but maybe that's because a majority of those PhDs were done with the intention of getting in and out ASAP and use the credentials for a job?
  6. soo what I'm looking at is 12+ years of training for maybe a chance at a job? assuming i like what i see during med school surgery wise
  7. Christ Can someone comment on job availability for other surgical specialties? Neuro, cardio, more niche ones?
  8. whatever else you do, do NOT do this. If GPA really ends up being a big hurdle for you, you could always apply to mid/lower tier MD schools in the states, or even DO schools. Anything is better than carib (read: vastly superior).
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