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  1. Hey mo15, I went to university, took a break - went to college, got a job, developed a career - now back at university. You have a few options depending on your gpa quality. If you have a good gpa so far: -taking a break and then coming back to finish is no problem since most schools will look at a cumulative gpa of all university years If your gpa is currently poor: -this will work in your advantage since, I am sure, you will return to university with a clear focus on performing well to get into medical school Queens, Western, Ottawa, Dal will consider the latter since t
  2. hey hopeful.md, I'm planning to rewrite the MCAT this summer. Would you mind forwarding the posting where you compiled your list? I can't seem to find nova physics on amazon. I wanted to read some reviews on it. Definitely need to spruce up my physics. thanks.
  3. thanks for the response. filling up fuel for the next time.
  4. Hi guys, Would people mind posting their Jan 30/31st 2009 MCAT stats? I did horrible. I mean below 20. Feel like an idiot right now. Got an S on my essay, though. Anyways, trying to get a feel for how people did. Please post in this method. Thanks. PS: VR: BS: WS
  5. register/opensourceMD: thanks for the flowcharts and the post regarding rewriting the MCAT...very helpful.
  6. in school and work full time....tough call for sure. audio osmosis better be good
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I plan on writing in January. Hopefully, three months of prep is enough and the exam swings my way. Any tips for the MCAT Newbie?
  8. I haven't started yet and am already a bit freaked out about the material. Have this anxiety to open the books! I guess I should get it over with and start. The fear is not knowing anything. What resources did you guys use? Kaplan/Examkrackers/TPR? I have the Kaplan set and was thinking of taking their classes? Would you recommend? Cheers.
  9. If this is answered somewhere else, please refer me to the thread. How long should one plan to study for the MCAT? I have been away from science courses for over 3 years and barely remember any physics or chemistry concepts. In addition, I have never taken organic chemistry. I have a fairly relaxed Fall semester and am thinking of buckling down and studying. Is 3 full months (October, November, December) of studying adequate for an attempt at the MCAT? I know most people do it in the summer. I work full time and the summer is the one time of the year when a vacation is most
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