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  1. I use to run a small business. I put it under employment. My verifier was someone from the small business branch of the Province of Ontario who helped entrepreneurs
  2. Ahh classic *B*e*M*o* wont be using any of their services whatsoever. Predatory, youtube ad throat shoving, scummy people. Edit: This certain company is now threatening to OP with legal action. OP has taken down his/her post because of fear of legal action. However, I have a constitutional freedom of speech so they can suck it
  3. Its got some mistakes. On first glance, it says Alberta has pre-reqs when it doesnt have any
  4. I actually think its a great thing. I used to work graveyard shifts at Mcd. Lots of interesting stuff you can talk about.
  5. Noise cancelling headphones. There are some expensive ones (e.g .sony + bose), but im sure there are more affordable alternatives
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5CRP-6oxYenIgBj17CkBZg MDprospect. Relatable from a Canadian perspective + awesome camerawork/editing
  7. Sept 28 is the last testing date for this cycle. Given there is a 2 week release now, all applicants should have no problem getting in MCAT scores by the OMSAS deadline (Nov 1 i think). All info you need is on the OMSAS website-application guide
  8. Mac health sci----> Western health sci -----> Kin But dont try to spread your eggs into a million baskets. If you want med, work hard towards that goal and find the best path, which may inadvertently eliminate other paths (e.g. dent, optometry, etc). You cant have every option and have it easy - strike a balance.
  9. Engineering is not a popular 'premed' program. I've only known 1 person go from eng---> med and this guy was a robot with the work ethic of a monk. That being said, a BEng is a solid degree with good job prospects after graduating. Downside is that you will to more courses (5.0+) with Eng vs Kin (5.0), and those courses are often more difficult.. So weigh your options and how hard you can grind through eng because it wont be easy.
  10. Reminds me of Johny Kim, the Korean American. Trained as a Navy Seals, deployed multilple times to Iraq War, went to Harvard Medical school, and then became an astronaut. Absolute fucking mad man. These people are made of metal or smth.
  11. Provide a resume, no reference needed. Email them by giving some talking points about their research and how you would like to learn more by working with them. Once they accept you as a volunteer, any kind of technical paperwork will be handled by admin staff.
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