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  1. Posting late but I really wanted to give some hope to all my low-gpa future MD colleagues out there who might be scrolling through all these 3.9+ stats. I had just one interview - so don't lose hope if you've seen your fair share of rejections this cycle! Result: Accepted to London (initially unspecified campus) Timestamp: 10:17 am 2 yr GPA: 3.79 MCAT: 129, 129, 131 (Phy, Bio, CARS) ECs/Volunteer: A lot of research (but only one publication - fourth author), not tonnes of volunteering but I ended up mentioning 3-4 volunteering experiences in my interview. Int
  2. That's very true. Ah well, probably best not to know and have more material to feed my overthinking/anxious mind.
  3. Does anyone know a bit more about how the judges give in feedback for the interviews? For example, I *think* only saw the individual who asked a question make notes on my response to that particular question. Is only the asker of the question responsible for taking notes on that particular response? Also, are judges required to provide a rating (1-10) and point-form notes on the contents of the response or something else? Any information is much appreciated!
  4. It really is. I've been trying to either not think about it at all (unsuccessfully) or mentally prepare myself for the worst. 30 days of this... will be unbearable
  5. Finishing up schoolwork for the next 2-3 weeks and once exams are over, going out with friends until D-Day. The only struggle with the latter is trying not to talk about med school/career related things too much, given that its the elephant in the room for me...
  6. The wait for Queens has been the most agonizing, given their relatively opaque selection criteria. The suspense is killing me.
  7. Anyone think there's a chance today could be the big day?
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