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  1. Time Stamp: March 26, ~9:00am Result: Accepted cGPA: 3.92, Pre-req GPA: 3.94 MCAT: 520 131/128/131/130 ECs: Lots of varied employment, 5 years intramural sports, 1 year of research, few clubs, exchange semester, almost no volunteering, heavy drinking Year: Graduated 2017 Region: IP Interview prep: no books. Mostly introspection Felt pretty good about the interview but still didn't expect to get accepted. I can imagine the stress others are facing with rejection, as I had prepared myself for it. Stay positive and assess your situation realis
  2. I'm aware of these yes! But I haven't really considered them because while you get your masters certification, you don't actually do any research (which is an area of my ECs that needs strengthening).
  3. Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get some advice on how to strengthen my application to get into med school. My current stats are as follows: cGPA: 3.92 (graduated after 4 years full time) MCAT: 131/128/131/130 ECs: Lots of Employment (Restaurant, reforestation, campus clerical jobs for ~5000 hours since age 14). Peer tutoring for 2.5 years during University. Intramural sports for 5 years (400 hours) and high school athletics. Research: 3 semesters of research, nothing in the summers (~500 hours). No publications. Volunteering: Pretty weak. 1 school charity for 1 year. Voluntee
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