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  1. I just matched out of province and my partner and I are considering buying a place, but we're not really sure where to start. He has a stable job with good income, but I (of course) have a mountain of debt and PGY-1 salary. We have a bit of money saved for a down payment but likely not enough to buy something in the location I have matched to. I have heard before that residents can get approved for mortgages based on projected future income, but I'm not sure if this is actually a thing. I have an LOC that I have only touched a small portion of that I could use to go towards a down payment, but
  2. Anyone else with pets/kids etc feeling increasingly terrified about where they might end up matching? I have a dog who would go absolutely bananas if I lived in an apartment (not to mention how much more difficult it is to find pet friendly places), I'm actually not sure what I would do if I ended up matching to Vancouver or Toronto. Easy to talk about not factoring housing into your rank list too much when you're single and can live in a 1 bedroom apartment
  3. Thank you for saying this. I feel like my concerns have been dismissed by some of the programs/residents I've talked to, and tbh I would feel more at ease if they said something like "yes we are aware this may impact training, so we're doing xyz to ensure the impact is minimized" or something
  4. This has been something that has been on my mind lately and I have actually asked about it in my Alberta interviews (something along the lines of "do you foresee any of the government changes impacting residency training?") and the answer I have gotten from programs and residents is that the changes don't really effect residents. I know the changes don't actually have anything to do with the PARA contract, but I still can't help but worry that training might be impacted, especially with the amount of animosity between the government and doctors right now. It's hard to tell if the programs are
  5. I still haven't heard anything as if this morning, but haven't seen anyone in the past day to ask if they have. So maybe I'm rejected or maybe they haven't actually sent/sent all of them yet
  6. Thank you for the unsolicited insights on patient care from a premed student, lmao.
  7. I've never said (let alone even thought) this before, but if you really think it's BS about med students working these hours, then I hope you don't end up in med school. Working in a step-down ICU unit during a global pandemic did not consist of me sitting around, browsing social media. Infact, any down time I had was spent either sleeping or studying, because you really might only get a couple hours of free time on any given evening. Of course this is not the same for every rotation but please stop trying to discount experiences of something you have not gone through and (clearly) know nothin
  8. Just went and looked back at my calendar, this particular week was: 26 hour call sat, regular day mon (8-10 hrs), on call tues/post call weds, regular Thurs, on call Friday. I was also on call the next Sunday so I think it ended up working out to like over 120 hours in an 8 day span. Totally ludicrous. We do 1 in 4 call on IM to "simulate residency" but it's not always evenly spaced out. I think my final week I only had 1 call shift so that week would have only been 50-60 hours. Also, I should note for anyone that's discouraged by this, IM is notoriously the busiest rotation with the most
  9. My school has a max of 55 hours per week, not including call. I think the worst week I've ever had was over 90 hours on internal medicine with 3 x 26 hour call in one week plus a few long days. Sleep is also pretty variable, I did have two call shifts on internal med where I did not even see the inside of my call room the whole night. As much as this sucks, I do agree that it's useful in the fact that you know what you're getting into if you go into IM/surg etc. Although having three 26 hr call shifts in one week was a little overboard
  10. I recall reading somewhere that programs should contact you "within a few days" of an interview offer update on Carms. If it was just yesterday, given that it's the weekend I'd hold off until at least Monday to contact them.
  11. Unsure if people outside of western Canada have had offers, but I know applicants from western Can/with connections to Calgary that have both received and invite and haven't heard anything
  12. Some people have definitely gotten offers from Calgary. Whether or not that's all of the offers they're planning on sending is unclear
  13. Same. Haven't heard anything, can't decide if it's a good thing or bad thing. Of course I'm thinking the worst
  14. I'm just relaying something I heard from a resident, definitely not the gospel. I personally didn't apply to Calgary FM, partially because of the reputation but also partially bc they have a history of not ranking or often even not interviewing seemingly qualified applicants, so I didn't want to waste my time. But obviously each person has their own decision to make
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