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  1. Thank you for the unsolicited insights on patient care from a premed student, lmao.
  2. I've never said (let alone even thought) this before, but if you really think it's BS about med students working these hours, then I hope you don't end up in med school. Working in a step-down ICU unit during a global pandemic did not consist of me sitting around, browsing social media. Infact, any down time I had was spent either sleeping or studying, because you really might only get a couple hours of free time on any given evening. Of course this is not the same for every rotation but please stop trying to discount experiences of something you have not gone through and (clearly) know nothin
  3. Just went and looked back at my calendar, this particular week was: 26 hour call sat, regular day mon (8-10 hrs), on call tues/post call weds, regular Thurs, on call Friday. I was also on call the next Sunday so I think it ended up working out to like over 120 hours in an 8 day span. Totally ludicrous. We do 1 in 4 call on IM to "simulate residency" but it's not always evenly spaced out. I think my final week I only had 1 call shift so that week would have only been 50-60 hours. Also, I should note for anyone that's discouraged by this, IM is notoriously the busiest rotation with the most
  4. My school has a max of 55 hours per week, not including call. I think the worst week I've ever had was over 90 hours on internal medicine with 3 x 26 hour call in one week plus a few long days. Sleep is also pretty variable, I did have two call shifts on internal med where I did not even see the inside of my call room the whole night. As much as this sucks, I do agree that it's useful in the fact that you know what you're getting into if you go into IM/surg etc. Although having three 26 hr call shifts in one week was a little overboard
  5. I recall reading somewhere that programs should contact you "within a few days" of an interview offer update on Carms. If it was just yesterday, given that it's the weekend I'd hold off until at least Monday to contact them.
  6. Unsure if people outside of western Canada have had offers, but I know applicants from western Can/with connections to Calgary that have both received and invite and haven't heard anything
  7. Some people have definitely gotten offers from Calgary. Whether or not that's all of the offers they're planning on sending is unclear
  8. Same. Haven't heard anything, can't decide if it's a good thing or bad thing. Of course I'm thinking the worst
  9. I'm just relaying something I heard from a resident, definitely not the gospel. I personally didn't apply to Calgary FM, partially because of the reputation but also partially bc they have a history of not ranking or often even not interviewing seemingly qualified applicants, so I didn't want to waste my time. But obviously each person has their own decision to make
  10. Before carms I was told by a Calgary FM resident that if they could give me one piece of advice it would be to *not* apply to the Calgary program because of how negatively they felt about it. This person seemed like a rational, reasonable human being and I don't think they had a particular vendetta against the program, I think they just truly believe that it is not a good program to train at. Whether or not this is how the majority of residents feel I'm not sure. I have heard that in general the program is quite "chill" and a lot of residents enjoy being in the program, but if you are wanting
  11. Does anyone know if most programs send their interview offers out all in one go and how long it takes for them to update your interview status on carms after offers are sent? E.g. if I see a program on the interview tracker list that has sent out invites but I haven't heard anything from them, does this mean I have not gotten an interview, and how long can I expect to wait for confirmation of this on carms?
  12. As someone also applying to carms right now, I can say that most of my personal statements don't include a lot of the stuff you have mentioned! Keep in mind your letter is more about who you are then what you have done - the "what you have done" will be reflected in other parts of your application. To give you an idea, in most of my letters I talk about my undergraduate degree and research (the only research I have done), then I talk about a patient encounter (nothing life changing or really particularly interesting at all, just a very human moment that was a bit of an "aha" for me that I want
  13. I'm not a mature applicant, but even I myself had trouble tracking down contact information for the jobs I had when I was younger. I worked a lot of part-time jobs and I wanted to include that on my application as I discussed balancing several jobs with school in other parts of my application. Long story short, I basically ended up contacting several companies I worked for and more or less said "you may not know me, but I worked here from xx-xx, and I need someone to verify my previous work experience for a med school application. Can I get the email of someone who is able to access your recor
  14. Hey everyone, I'm currently booking my clerkship electives, and I have 1-2 extra electives that need to be filled. I am between family med and psych for residency and I've allocated enough electives to each, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good electives to do outside these specialties? I could potentially do 1 more FM if it's in something interesting. I'm open to anything that's not too stressful, and will either be interesting to do or good skills to learn for psych/FM. Any favourite or memorable electives from upper years? I'm flexible as far as location as I have t
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