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  1. 508 the first time (126 CARS) 515 (128/127/129/131) the second attempt cGPA: 3.92 Ontario.
  2. I'm currently in my 4th year. Ontario. My previous MCAT was 508 (didn't take it seriously enough). I was sort of disappointed with my 2nd score of 515 as I was expecting to do a lot better because of FL scores. I didn't dedicate enough time to AAMC CARS material though, I admit, but this will change next time. I definitely would like to remain in Canada, though what can I really do at this point to strengthen my ECs without making it look like cookie cutter stuff? I'm currently applying for research. It's something I've been interested in, but never really got the chance to pursue properly
  3. I increased my score on my 2nd attempt to a 515 (but 127 CARS). I've been rejected from Mac, Western, Ottawa and most likely will be from Queens and UofT (my ABS is subpar in number of activities and hours dedicated). I did try to do ABS that I enjoyed but looking back on them, they're really basic, plenty are cookie cutter like and I have almost no research. I know people say to do what you like, but I am dedicated to stepping outside those bounds. It's crappy but you gotta do what you gotta do. Of course, I'm going to try to get involved in more ECs this summer and onwards and study har
  4. Title says it all. Really need to discuss. Will be ever grateful if someone replies. Thank you.
  6. LOL I'm losing my mind to the anticipation! Their office is closed so I should have known!!!
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