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  1. Hi all, not sure if there’s a group for this already, but interviews aren’t my strongest suit and I was wondering if there were a few people on here who would be willing to do some practice questions over zoom or Ms Teams? I’ve interviewed at uottawa before and done MMI at queens but I’m looking to improve since I didn’t get it last time and felt my interviews could’ve been stronger - in particular my MMI.
  2. Hey there, im actually looking to practice with someone for interviews as they aren’t my strong suit. can I shooter you a message to get a few pointers and maybe do a mock?
  3. Whoa, your specs are amazing! Hopefully, you got an interview elsewhere. uOttawa is really GPA focussed (at least for English) so I'm surprised since yours is so high. I know they introduced the Casper to become more diverse.
  4. Rejection Time Stamp: Jan 29, 2018 6:48pm Location: Ottawa Region Stream: English wGPA: 3.93 Current year: UG, Masters ECs: A lot of different things both long term and short term volunteering; Lots of leadership and research activities but no publications Casper: It went okay....got cut off for the third question for some scenarios
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