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  1. Looking like it’ll be the 13th or so based on previous years. If anyone is taking to admission, post if they give any indication!
  2. Also, where did you find it? I can’t seem to find it
  3. Ok Residency Matching is over, you can tell us now! Please.....
  4. I may be wrong but I vaguely remember the site saying Mid March. And now it just says March...
  5. Hi, I am waiting to here back from dal about medical school and so I cannot give much information about what it would be like to work at one of the hospitals but I have lived in the Annapolis Valley my entire life. It is beautiful here in my opinion. I love living in the town of Wolfville as this is where I went to University at Acadia. There’s a lot of culture and activity, particularly in the summer and fall months. Lots to do if you like hiking, swimming, and trying out all kinds of food. In the winter time, the whole town is lit up with lights and Christmas trees. I am from a part of the A
  6. Yea fair enough. Last year it landed on the Tuesday of that week as well.
  7. You think it’ll be the Tuesday of that week?
  8. I just always find myself day dreaming about opening up an acceptance letter and being on top of the world... but then I try to stop myself to avoid potential disappointment
  9. Sounds about right. Thank you for your input!
  10. Anyone have an idea of when invites will be going out this year? I know in earlier years it’s been beginning of March, however now it seems that mid March is more plausible
  11. Wow this is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you very much for this and for taking the time to find it and post it!
  12. Yea for sure. There is definitely a disadvantage in being from many places in Ontario
  13. I see what you’re saying. Sorry I was just looking at raw number of applicants per spot, not really taking into consideration the people who will decline or will not meet the requirements on certain parts of the application. You for taking the time to lay it out!
  14. So if 85 applied to Dal from NB and they interview 55 OOP that it’s 140. Leaving 148 of NS mainly and some PEI for the remaining 68 spots (46%). However that is if in deed there were 288 people interviewed. That number could be higher as I don’t think anyone really knows for sure how many are interviewed. Thank you for your guys’ input!
  15. Also about 9 OOP students are accepted each year and they interview 50-60 students. So if they interview 55 that ends up being about 16%. The reason the New Brunswick list moves so much is likely because the same students who get into Dal have a higher probability of getting in Mun as well as they are the top students in their province. However due to tuition costs I imagine must would choose Mun, causing the list to move as much as it does.
  16. Would you mind sharing where these numbers are coming from. I know they are just your estimates but just wondering how you came to them? That would mean roughly 50% of NB abpplicants would be getting accepted. Just seems a little high
  17. I remember after my interview one of the current students told me that last year there were 288 students interviewed
  18. Does anyone know how many people were interviewed this year. My day was Sunday, the 26 and there were four groups A-D with 12 students each. I was told by one of the med students there that the same number of student were at the morning time slot. This would be 96 students. If it was the same number on sat then this would be on 192 students in total for 108 seats
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