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  1. Queen's student here. You'll probably see this: 1. Summers off in pre-clerkship can be a time to recharge your batteries, but McMaster offers time off (albeit much shorter) during the year in which you can also do this. 2. Summers off can allow you to fully focus on other opportunities without having to worry about school work. Inevitably, most projects (especially research) extend into the school year. I'm fairly certain you'll still have ample time at Mac to get involved in opportunities over the 3 years, you just have more time to do more things at Queen's because it's 4 years.
  2. Many people in our class use an iPad, it comes in quite handy. However, if classes remain online (which I think they will), it might be difficult to have Zoom and notes open on the same screen for the time being.
  3. Yes this, I remember when O week was about to start there was a major purge of people who had chosen other schools.
  4. Fairly certain as long as you have demonstrated need, you'll get the bursary. You can even apply for it throughout the school year.
  5. Good luck tomorrow everyone! As someone who was waitlisted one year, to accepted the next, I know how nerve-wracking the experience is. Honestly, I can try and say "just relax, take a breather", but we all know that won't work
  6. Yes, echoing @IMislove, many in the MMTP at Queen’s. Some with kids. From what I’ve learned, military provides many benefits for those with families. Zero tuition, you retain your salary from your position while in school, and the years you are in medical school and residency are considered pensionable years. Should add: these are benefits listed from considering your circumstances and the fact that you want to work in the military afterwards.
  7. Many of these consulting agencies are so predatory. I’d say BeMo is one of the most guilty of using predatory tactics and plays on the insecurities of premed students to gain business. It is not surprising they would say something like this. As @rmorelan said, PM101 is a tremendous resource with such valuable information that has helped many gain admission, including myself. Having almost all of the most important information available for free hurts their “pay for this same information” model. Articles like this are just more of the same predatory behaviour they use to lure students.
  8. I don't think that's the real reason people don't apply either. Ottawa needs a high wGPA (typically >3.9 for English stream) to even be considered and they still receive ~5000 applications. Sure they don't have the MCAT, however, 125 in each section is 50th percentile, so it's not the most competitive MCAT score compared to schools like Western. I really think the reason why people don't apply to UoT is truly because they don't want to write essays lol. I'm interested in finding out the difference in applications received to Western this year vs. last year because of the additio
  9. No need to worry. The school isn’t going to be like “haha nvm no offer for u!” I bet OMSAS offers will appear tomorrow as it’s the end of the weekend and people are back to work.
  10. *raises hand* Also, waitlisters who were accepted have yet to receive their OMSAS offers (though they can tell through SOLUS acceptances the number). Keep in mind people can accept through SOLUS and pay deposit, yet have another wait list offer, can choose last minute to accept the other offer on OMSAS if they never accepted Queen’s. Though I’m unsure why anyone would pay 1000 just to say nvm going to another.
  11. A 3.2 to a 3.4 is still an improvement, maybe not med school worthy, but you’re doing something right. Some schools only look at your 2 best years so if you can continue how you’ve been improving, keep working at it. In regards to you saying you feel old, I’m 28, will be 29 when I start in September. 22-25 were the years I was really figuring myself out and trying to gather a clear direction with my life. Of course, I can sit here and be like “follow your dreams!!”, the outside realities of life really sting, seeing others getting on with their lives etc. Honestly, those things don
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