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  1. What’s your MCAT? That GPA is killer. I would highly advise against a 5th year undergrad. If your MCAT is good, then it’s about how you’re describing your ECs/the breadth of your ECs, and CASPer.
  2. Friends, this is a reminder that there is less than 1 month to go xd
  3. Weekly, nightly, during the day, at least once every few hours.
  4. I think we need a common place to build our anxieties even further. Why not here?!
  5. I feel you on so many levels, but I have to remind myself that how you think you did literally means nothing. It's really hard to convince myself of that though lol.
  6. This exactly. 'Red flags' can be spotted in the MMI and you are also assessed for communication in the MMI. I wouldn't speculate unless the adcoms explicitly state on the website the purpose of the panel. Until then, I would just assume that all aspects of the interview are combined to determine where you 'placed'.
  7. Your chances now are the same as they were before every wave, the time they send it doesn't mean anything. I speak from experience, a rejection is not the end of the world. People on this forum have applied for 5 cycles before they even received 1 interview. Seeing as you had an interview elsewhere, you're very fortunate in that aspect so hold your head up!
  8. Even in the absence of adcoms being notified, I think any person would be extremely suspicious of someone claiming to have published 30+ papers by 3rd year university. It extends so far beyond what the 'average' applicant has that one would automatically think "this is bogus".
  9. This most certainly depends on what you actually said. Obviously don't say it, but if it's overtly racist/discriminatory in some way sure that's a red flag. However, ethical dilemmas are dilemmas for a reason, both sides can be argued, and in that case it most definitely resides in the strength of your argument. Don't get hung up over it.
  10. Having a % difference between females and males says nothing about the applicant pool. The fact that it is so close to 50% illustrates parity at the level of admissions into the MD program. A 10% skew could say many things for that particular year: 1. Females outperformed males in their academic record 2. More females met the MCAT cutoffs than males. 3. More females wrote better essays than males 4. More females had more glowing letters of recommendation The list goes on. I don't think there's an institutional level bias at the level of admissions pushing for
  11. It says McMaster University, not specifically Bachelor of Health Sciences
  12. First time interviewing at Queen's. Overall impressions: MMI: It was like others have said in the past, it felt different than practice prompts at home. Walking out of it I was like "maybe I didn't do such a bad job", felt iffy on 2 stations but tried to work through them as best as I could, and one of them there's a point that now I'm like "I can't believe I didn't bring that point up what the heck is wrong with you". Panel: Quite conversational, was probably my favourite of the two. Very warm and friendly. I understand post-interview feelings mean nothing, but I've bee
  13. My apologies if I made it sound like it was verified. The 4.0 or 0.5 increments I stated are hypothetical, they could be any arbitrary value. The means by which applicants are ordered though remains the same regardless of increment, you move through one pool of interview scores on to the next. You're absolutely right, it is an unreliable tool, which is why measures are in place to try and correct it (e.g. 3 on a panel instead of 1). No interview style is perfect, but it’s impossible to eliminate the standards some have to achieve a ‘4.0’ versus others.
  14. Evidence for the bin system on this forum is quite convincing, and largely stems from waitlist movement threads. You'll always notice that the calls off the waitlist are in perfect descending order of GPA and after it gets to about 3.90, it suddenly resets back up to 4.0.
  15. Yes. No one knows how many bins they go through, however, let's assume each bin has 50 candidates and your place within a bin has nothing to do with the stream to which you applied. They descend through the 50 until they exhausted that, then go through the next 50, then 50, then 14. That's 4 opportunities for people with 'higher' GPAs to get a call compared to the 3 opportunities for those with 'lower' GPAs because the 14 are those that rank the top of the list within that bin.
  16. It’s because of the way you’re ranked post-interview. People who place in a particular “bin” of an interview score are then ranked according to their GPA. Example: if the highest bin is a hypothetical 4.0, and your GPA is 4.0, you’ll be at the top of the acceptance list and acceptances are send in descending order until they exhausted that bin and go to the next one, where the highest GPAs are again chosen.
  17. I can assure you this is definitely false. I’m older/non-trad and my panel was cold last year. To be honest, you shouldn’t overthink a nice/cold panel. They serve different purposes. Cold panels can make you feel stressed and they want to see how you respond to that. Friendly/warm panels can make you break professionalism and they, again, want to see how you respond to that.
  18. At a broad level, each school says every degree is held equal, no matter what. However, each school has individual requirements. UoT, uOttawa have very specific course requirements, so you may need to see how it fits into particular course requirements for getting your degree Western has specifications for the number courses that can be taken from certain year levels (e.g. must take 3+ FCEs at the 3rd year+ level) While yes, many programs are more difficult to accomplish than others, there's no way each medical school has the resources to individually screen each person'
  19. Want to know what’s hysterical? Holding onto the old belief that MCAT and GPA alone define good candidates. If that worked so well, why have all schools abandoned that method of selection? Sure it would have been nice for Western to give more notification that it would change. However, we’re not entitled to that, just like we’re not entitled to interviews, nor are we entitled to a position in the school. We play a game when we submit our applications, and not everyone can be a ‘winner’.
  20. It’ll just be the 6 digit number without the 2019
  21. I very much doubt 1 single individual read all 8 of your essays. It was likely divided among 8 people, with the average of your responses being taken as your final score. This is how it works in CASPer, for UoT, MMI, etc. The admissions office of every school has the right to change their admission criteria from one year to the next. Western is not unique in this circumstance. To be honest, I actually admire Western for changing their criteria to allow character elements to shine through compared to the archaic method of using only GPA and MCAT. As I mentioned to you before in a previous
  22. I'd take the one saying Feb. 6 as being correct, as Feb. 3 is on a Sunday and I'm assuming they'd want to be in office in the event errors arise.
  23. No one can deny you the right to feel angry about the decision, however, I can assure you taking a legal route is not going to end positively. The policies are not meant to be transparent. Given that you also applied to American schools, you should know that there is a lot of ambiguity in the process, even more so there. Ontario is known to have some of the highest competition to enter medicine. While ~45-50% of people who apply to American medical schools will succeed in being granted admission (as per AAMC statistics), Ontario schools admit less than 10% of the applicant pool. Wh
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