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  1. It's impossible to say as they do not release this information to us. While you may meet individual cutoffs, you may not meet the composite score cutoff, or vice versa. Everyone here is just as uncertain about their criteria as you are, unfortunately!
  2. This happened to me as well, and others I know. I highly doubt they are going to even look at those links, and it is for sure not going to disqualify you. This is the first year they added a section like that, and I recall someone calling uOttawa about it and even they didn’t know that existed lol.
  3. I can only answer from what I’ve seen in previous years on threads here, so take this with a grain of salt. Most MD/PhD invites go out in the first wave (sometimes waves aren’t just 1 day, could be over the week, or tomorrow for example). It’s not impossible that another wave could come out next week with more invites. You are still considered for MD interview invites even if you do not make the invite for the MD/PhD.
  4. Depends. If you're only applying to the US, then yes, I would recommend rewriting to boost your overall MCAT score to offset the GPA (mostly CARS and CP). If you are also applying to Ontario schools, a good MCAT does not necessarily accommodate for weaker application components (aside from McMaster). You need a good MCAT alongside a good GPA to get an interview, as each component is evaluated mostly on a cutoff basis (UoT, Queen's, Western), and Ottawa places huge emphasis on their wGPA as they do not even require a MCAT. Have you considered possibly doing a 2-year second deg
  5. Excellent stats though, I’m sure you’ll receive something elsewhere!
  6. Last year they sent a confirmation of receipt, also reminding us to register for CASPer if we had not. This year nothing has been sent as far as I know.
  7. I believe so, it says each year of full-time undergraduate education removes 2 of your lowest grades.
  8. I'd recommend not investing so much in thinking that possessing MCAT and GPA to what aligns with previous years should give you 'good chances'. I know several people, one with a 128+ on each section, and a 3.9+ GPA that didn't get an interview to Queen's over several application years, yet interviewed elsewhere (their ECs are also really good, by my standards at least). Queen's really is a mystery.
  9. If they did, I think they would have to disclose that information to us as we have to consent to a third party seeing our work.
  10. I really don’t think they’re going to screw over that many people like that. The fact that they even said “extending it by a few days” means that’s probably the likely outcome. I understand it’s very stressful, however, just take a deep breath because it’s all going to be ok lol.
  11. I felt #blessed when I realized this, was such a pain to do last year lol
  12. I just worry if that in itself is a red flag lol. Looking at the website though, I think Mitral is right, they only use Turnitin for the BPEs, not the ABS essays. Phew.
  13. If this is true, then I don't have anything to worry about lol. I'll send an email in on Monday to give a heads up regardless.
  14. Hello all, In the realm of all the other worries I contrive surrounding applications, I would appreciate if anyone could provide clarification to this question. Last year, my application to UoT was unsuccessful. However, this year, in my ABS essays, I am re-using some of the content from my application from last year, some edits including things I've done since, etc. Since it goes through Turnitin, will it say I am plagiarizing myself? Pls help
  15. Right, which is why I said if money isn't an issue . Your chances are 0% if you don't even throw in an application.
  16. I'm unfamiliar with how CASPer scoring works. However, I think it is a combined score between that and your wGPA to develop a ranked list for interview invites. So if you had a 3.87 (not implying this is low) but killed CASPer, you can make the list.
  17. Interview package last year said pre-interview was assessed on wGPA and CASPer. Weighting on each wasn't specified, but ECs weren't mentioned. However, I wouldn't be surprised if that package is recycled content from prior years and that wording wasn't changed.
  18. If money isn't an issue, throw it in. Realistically, cutoffs for English stream (with a really good CASPer I'm assuming) are ~3.87 for an interview. At least that's the lowest reported wGPA from last year's cycle.
  19. Trust me, I agree with you. However, the current application process is a major departure from what they used to do indicating a significant change in their admission philosophy. To go from zero requirements for ECs pre-interview, to an entire document with 8 essays + a 'personal statement' style essay with emphasis on higher diversity in activities for a higher score (which in itself is a bit strange to me, if you are committed to serving a certain group and have become involved in multiple different activities with the same purpose, that's going to look less favourable than a person who has
  20. I expect CARS score requirements to drop, maybe to ~128. I say this for now, however, in the future I see them following a UoT style selection with very modest MCAT cutoffs, a higher GPA cutoff, and a stronger focus on ECs. If they're unhappy like the other poster said, it means the current selection criteria they feel is failing them. Rightfully so, tbh. While I admire Western for their unambiguous selection process, standardized tests are not the best predictor of success in med school (as has been shown for a while now).
  21. I think they’re on summer hours lol (depends when you called).
  22. I recall someone saying they took stricter measures on the Facebook group this year to reduce the amount of upper year students so it’s more accurate. That being said, I still hope all of us receive a call lol..............pls Chantal
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